Study in Canada: financial supports available for under graduation


Studying abroad is one of the dreams for many Indian students. Among those countries included in the dream study destinations, Canada holds a special and top place. Canada provides many opportunities for students like, education in low cost, good resource person for guidance and also many financial aids in the name of scholarships. This article is to provide some details regarding the scholarships available for students in Canada, which will support them for pursuing their education in the country. 

Canadian education provides a variety of scholarships for students who are needy. But, even though there are many scholarships, the eligibility for very one is quite strict. The relaxation for the eligibility is very limited or low, when compared to the scholarships in India. So, the students who need scholarship from Canadian education system must fulfill the necessary criteria, without any adjustments itself. The system requests quality of conditions rather than quantity. So it is always better to understand the requirements and clearing it in a proper way.  Moreover the Canadian system of education looks for a group of students who has high sincerity towards studies and work, along with compatibility throughout the period.  Good social interactions, writing and communication knowledge, and good conduct certificates by education faculties will give you more priority in the selection process for a scholarship. 

Various scholarships available for Indian students in Canada



  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program


  • Awarded by- University of Toronto
  • For students with – artistic background, high academic scores, ability of leadership
  • Maximum number of selection – 37
  • Selection criteria – must be an international secondary school student, with study permit – looking to get admission for under graduation in the very next year after application
  • Scholarship benefits – for four years you will get the cost for tuition fee, books, incidental fee, and assistance for residence



  • Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award (ILOT)


  • Open award for all international students
  • Students must have – good academic records, skills of a leader, offering services in community and student matters, and achievements in the mentioned areas.
  • Eligibility – applied and shortlisted for under graduate degree in University of British Columbia (UBC) – must submit a plan regarding the details of economical assistance required for the students to complete the degree.
  • Benefits awarded – financial assistance for completing graduation, along with the money the students can spend from his side. It can be renewed up to three years, by consistent academic brilliance and maintenance of study permit in Canada. 



  • Carleton UNIVERSITY Entrance Scholarships for International Students


  • Given by – Carleton University
  • Fulfilling 85% average criteria is necessary in the entrance test.
  • The scholarship amount will be based upon the average secured by the student in the admission process.
  • Benefits –
Admission average  Amount receiving
Above 95 % $ 4000
90 – 94.9  $ 3000
85 – 89.9 $ 2000
80 – 84.9 $ 1000


The scholarship will be renewed if the GPA annual is 10.0, for the student.


  1. York University International Student Scholarships
  • Two scholarships – Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship and International Entrance Scholarships
  • For full time undergraduates in – Arts, Media, Environmental Studies, Education, Health, Performance & Design, Liberal arts & Professional Studies, Lassonde School of Engineering, Science, Schulith School of Business
  • Eligibility – first entry in York University as a student, with study permit.  Academic record with “A” average or equal. Achievements in leadership in, community service/ arts/ sports/ other individual areas.
  • Benefits – 
Global Leader of Tomorrow $ 20,000 * 4 years (total $ 80,000)
International Entrance Scholarship $ 35,000 * 4 years (Total $ 140,000)

The amount is renewable only with excellent academic records.



  • University of Waterloo International Student Entrance Scholarship



  • For top twenty performers in the entrance, in their first year of under graduation. No requirement of application. 
  • Eligibility – 90 above percentage in admission average. Faculty based criteria for entrance scholarship will be there.
  • Benefits – $ 10,000 for the first year of education, for each twenty awardees.



  • Queen’s University Principal’s International Scholarship


  • For top five Indian students, in the first year of graduation, based on academic excellence.
  • No application.
  • Each student will get $ 10,000.



  • Ryerson’s International Secondary School Merit Scholarship


  • Scholarships for international students in Canada with study permit, based on academic marks. 
  • Seven students will get benefitted, with $ 5,000 each. 
  • No application in separate is needed.


Scholarship name Important dates  (almost same in every year)
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program School Nomination last : 30 November

Student admission  last date: 14 December

Application last date 15th January 

Karen McKellin International Leader of tomorrow Award (ILOT) Deadline: 1st December
Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students Last date: 1st April 
York University International Student Scholarships Deadline: 1st February
University of Waterloo International Student Entrance Scholarship Last date: end of March

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