What all are courses available after NEET?

NEET is one of the toughest exams when compared to rest of the exams , , since childhood parents and aspirants themselves dream to become a doctor but unfortunately not everyone dream turns into reality due to limited  number of seat available , and also after preparing for NEET student doesnot has plenty of options available alike after any other graduation degree.

Still  some options that are available for the students after NEET which are as follows:

  1. Doctor (MBBS)

This is one of the reputed profession, so if any student has determined to become a doctor so by working hard surely they can in whatever  field they are interested, by clearing NEET then doing proper training in medical field only student can become a MBBS doctor and can serve the nation.

2)  Dentist (BDA)

So after NEET student can also go for dentist , as a dentist many options are available for the student like orthodontists, general practioners etc . If student wishes to become dentist than they can get degree of BDA and it is totally upto them  whether they wanna work in the public hospitals or wanna open up their private clinic as many dentists do .


3)  MD/MS/Diploma

Students can go for either of the above options after NEET , as all of them are very reputative and remain always in demand , it is student’s choice which field excites them , it could be surgeon or physician so student can opt their field accordingly and can pursue these courses after their graduation, and if we see after COVID the demand of MD/MS/Diploma has increased  a lot so it is really a good option for the students.


4)    MBA

Mostly students don’t prefer MBA after clearing NEET , but still those who are dynamic in nature , wants to explore each and every field , they go for MBA after completing their graduation in medical field. Some of the options which are available in MBA field are

MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

MBA in Hospital Administration

MBA General Management (GM)

PGD in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)

PGD in Health Administration

PGD in Hospital Administration


5)    MSc

I t is one of the other options available for the students if they wish to go for post graduation degree, although many non- med students also pursue this as their masters, students can pursue this in the domain of  ;

  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Anesthesia
  • Biochemistry
  • Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • ENT and many more



6)    Clinical Research

In this tough covid time every second person felt need of researchers as textbooks can not provide us all the solutions of chemicals and drugs, so if researchers would be there then they can try experiments and can save the lives of the people, alike covid vaccine has done, so this is also one of the major domain in which students can make their career.


7)    Legal Medical Advisor

In today’s era everyone wants advice for their future , whether it is for any business, or for their career similarly in courts also sometimes medical advice is required for the criminals , and also this field is very profitable so after graduation in the medical field student can opt for medical advisor , but student must be aware of this that they should have plenty of time available for their job.


8)    Teacher of Medicine

This profession is getting clear from the name itself, as in this students can opt for teaching medicine to the coming generation , also it is not necessary that student should only teach in addition with the teaching student can give their services in hospitals as well. This could be one of the reputative and profitable profession as both teachers and doctors are respected in this society.

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