Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University was founded in 1964. Astana Medical College is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). In 2009, the institute gained the university status. The highly qualified and experienced faculty members always welcome students to ask for any kind of help they need to settle into the new environment.

MBBS at Astana Medical University

The duration of the course at Astana Medical University is 5 years. All the foreign students, opting for MBBS, are taught in English. The duration of the MBBS course at Astana Medical University is 5 years. The quality of education at Astana Medical University is very high and is maintained so by the well-qualified faculty members.

Location of Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University is located in Astana. Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan. Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997 and has gone on to become one of central-Asia’s most modernized cities. Astana is the cultural, economic, and political and innovation center of Kazakhstan. The food in Kazakhstan is exquisite and is very famous among the tourists. The futuristic buildings of Astana Medical University are a sight to behold. The healthcare, sports and education systems of Astana are well-known all over the world.

Admission process for MBBS course in Astana Medical University

The student must have cleared the NEET exam to study at Astana Medical University. Below mentioned are the necessary conditions and documents required to take admission in Astana Medical University.
The conditions for MBBS at Astana Medical University are:
1. At least 50% score in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English
2. Admission fee amount
The documents required to study MBBS at Astana Medical University are:
1. Certificate of completed intermediate education of 12th class
2. Passport with appropriate entry and exit visa
3. Medical Test report
4. Application form
5. 10 passport-size photographs (3×4 cm)

Visa for MBBS at Astana Medical University

The student requires the following documents to apply for visa at Astana Medical University:
1. Valid Passport
2. Visa Application
3. Passport-size photos
4. Letter of Request
5. Letter from Astana Medical University
6. Consular fees
7. Copy of passport’s main page

Fee Structure for MBBS program at Astana Medical University

( Do check the date on file, that is the date of updation of fee. If the date is old than today, pls confirm latest fee with your branch counselor )

GKworks_MBBS_2018_Brochure_15th July’2018

Salient features about MBBS course at Astana Medical University

1. The cost of living in Astana in Kazakhstan is easily affordable.
2. All students are provided accommodation at Astana Medical University.
3. Indian students can easily find Indian food at all places in Astana.
4. Astana Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
5. There are direct flights between Indian airports and Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.
6. Astana Medical University conducts no extra entrance exam to admit students.
7. Astana Medical University provides a healthy environment for interaction among students of all nationalities, which leads to exposure to various cultures.
8. Astana Medical University has various international cooperation programs.

We hope you have a great career following your MBBS in Kazakhstan

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