Doing MBBS from abroad is not complicated as many think so. This is a step by step process . Please check below points before you gofor MBBS abroad,

1.Medical Council of India recognition

MCI which is the official government body for medical system in India recognizes institutes in foreign countries which are allowed to offer MBBS course to Indian students. Check your institute at below link for same :

2: MCI don’t allow students from open school to go abroad to pursue MBBS

So if you did your class 12th from open school , you can apply for Indian colleges but not abroad

3. The minimum age should be 17 years

4. Student should have over 50% PCB for general category and 40% PCB for reserved categories

5. NEET Qualification is made compulsory for MBBS abroad aspirants also from May’2018 batch. Watch below video to understand the meaning of NEET qualification

NEET Qualification

6. Students need to take FMGE ( Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) if they wish to come back and practice in India. This exam make them equivalent to Indian MBBS doctor and they are eligible for all jobs/ PG entrance in India etc. The exam is held twice a year and is an objective exam.

7. For most of Universities in developing countries, last 6 months bank statements with over INR 3 lakhs closing balance is needed.

8 MCI eligibility : Starting 1st June’2018, NEET scorecard is eligibility certificate

Best wishes for your MBBS abroad dream.

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