International Medical School, Kazakhstan (IMS)

Established in 1992, the International Medical School is part of the University of International Business. The University is certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, due to the educational programs meeting state standards.


Brief on the Program Offered: “Smart Medicine”

The International Medical School or IMS provides a “Smart Medicine” program, which is essentially a General Medicine-5 years MD course (English medium). This course is equivalent to the M.B.B.S. Program of India.

The “Smart Medicine” is an advanced Medical Degree Program, with a prime focus on enhancing Practical Skills, and imparting knowledge about the Latest Medical Technologies.

The goal of this program is to generate world class medical doctors, highly competent and highly trained.

Location of IMS

IMS is located in Kazakhstan’s most vibrant city: Almaty.

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the largest city of the country. It remains the most developed, most ethnically and culturally diverse city of Kazakhstan. Set in the foothills of the Trans Ili Alatau Mountains, Almaty is believed to be the birthplace of the first apple.

The exact location of IMS is at Abay Ave 8, Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan.

Climatic Conditions

The climate condition in Kazakhstan is very good and favorable to Indian students. The average winter temperature remains approx. -20 degrees Celsius while during summer can go up to 32 degrees Celsius.

Rankings and Certifications

According to UNI Ranking, UIB holds the 35th position within the country. Complying with international standards of education, this University is counted among the top 20 educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

The university is also certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and is recognized by MCI & WHO.

 Why choose IMS?

There is a long list of reasons for pursuing a medical degree at IMS. Below, you can find some of the many perks and benefits of pursuing the medical program at IMS:

  1. Opportunity to get intense medical education with highly qualified teachers
  2. Availability of state-of-the- art medical training tools, simulation suites and interactive small-group rooms that encourage active learning
  3. Affordable cost of MBBS admission
  4. Guidance of medical experts
  5. English mode of education
  6. Get the chance to practice in govt. hospitals (only after 2 years) and private hospitals for practice
  7. Scholarships granted to brilliant students
  8. Availability of Indian cuisine for Indian students
  9. Separate hostels for boys and girls with mess facility
  10. Availability of a functional Library and Sports Infrastructure
  11. International Collaboration
  12. Focus on Practical Knowledge

International Collaboration

Due to the introduction of innovations in its educational activities, UIB maintains extensive links with the largest higher education institutions of Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia implementing joint projects and exchange programs for students and lecturers. IMS, particularly, has continuously invited foreign lecturers to teach on its English-lingual and Russian-lingual programs in the past.


All about the “SMART MEDICINE” Program

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to IMS, the following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. Student Should be NEET Qualified
  2. Marks in 12th, PCB (PHY + CHE + BIO) should be 50% or Above (For OBC/ST/SC-40%)
  3. Candidate should complete the age of 17 year on or before 31st December of the year of admission in MBBS Course.


Fee Structure of the medical program at IMS

Kazakhstan is known for offering medical courses at highly affordable packages. True to this, an MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students will cost approximately 10-15 lakhs as of 2021.

The fee structure of medical programs in Kazakhstan is cheaper as compared to countries like UK, US, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ukraine.

 Admission Process

Admission of foreign citizens to IMS is carried out on the following basis:

  1. On a competitive basis & also according to the results of entrance tests conducted by the University selection committee
  2. With payment of tuition fees by individuals and (or) legal entities.
  3. Admission is carried out within the number established by the license for the right to conduct educational activities, on the conditions established by the annual admission rules.


Documents Required

For admission to IMS, you may require the following documents

  1. 10th mark-sheet
  2. 12th mark-sheet
  3. NEET Result
  4. Original Passport
  5. Passport size 10 photographs
  6. Medical Report of HIV & Covid-19
  7. All document legalization and translated from HRD & embassy

Please remember that after arriving at IMS, the passport shall be registered by the Minister of Interior of Kazakhstan within 5 days from the date of arrival excluding holidays and weekends.

The institution will also provide assistance in registration and visa extension. Also, the foreign students will have to register themselves in the Department of International Affairs between 6 months to 1 year. Passports must also be presented to the Department 1 month before the expiration of Visa. A fine will be set by the Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan should the student fail to meet the registration and visa terms.


Important Program Details: Accreditation, Faculty, Career prospects, Duration and Syllabus

Accreditation of the program: FIBAA Institutional accreditation.

As part of the implementation of the educational program, IMS has collaboration with Indian Universities like Amity University and the Noida International University.

Who forms the Faculty staff?

Leading professors who teach in this educational program include scientists who have publications in the world, publications included in the databases Scopus, Web of science.

Career Prospects: After the completion of this course, you can expect to work in Medical Institutions and Universities, and Hospitals around the globe.

The University also offers an additional program in Healthcare Management

Duration of Study: 5 years

Number of credits: 300 ECTS

Below, we have compiled a table of the subjects of all five years of the course:

1st Year

S. No. Name of Discipline Component Number of credits
1. Human Anatomy Core 7
2. Molecular Biology and Genetics Core 10
3. Histology and Embryology Core 5
4. ICT Core 5
5. Foreign Language (Latin) Core 10
6. Kazakh (Russian) language Core 10
7. Modern History of Kazakhstan Core 5
8. Fundamental Law and Anti-corruption culture Core 3
9. Physical Education Core 4
10. Internship (Nursing Assistant) Core 4


2nd Year

S. No. Name of Discipline Component Number of credits
1. Morphology and Physiology Core 14
2. Human Anatomy Core 12
3. Microbiology Elective 10
4. Biochemistry Elective 4
5. Philosophy Core 5
6. Sociology and Political Science Elective 5
7. Professionally Oriented Foreign Language Core 3
8. Physical Education Core 4
9. Internship (Procedural Nurse Assistant) Core 3


3rd Year

S. No. Name of Discipline Component Number of credits
1. General Pathology Core 12
2. Preventive Social Medicine Elective 5
3. Introduction to Clinical Medicine Elective 5
4. Biochemistry Elective 5
5. Psychology and Culturology Elective 3
6. Pathology of organs and systems Core 14
7. Immunology Elective 5
8. Introduction to Pediatrics Elective 4
9. General Medicine Elective 4
10. Internship (Nursing Practise) Core 3


4th Year

S. No. Name of Discipline Component Number of credits
1. Pharmacology Elective 4
2. Community Medicine Elective 4
3. Introduction to Clinical Medicine Elective 5
4. Introduction to Surgery Elective 4
5. Implementation of Big Data on Medicine Elective 3
6. Dermatology Elective 4
7. Gynecology Elective 4
8. Obstetrics Elective 4
9. Neurology Elective 5
10. Urology Elective 4
11. Pediatrics Elective 12
12. Psychiatry Elective 4
13. Infectious Disease Elective 5


5th Year

S. No. Name of Discipline Component Number of credits
1. Professional Kazakh (Russian) Language Core 3
2. Necrology Elective 3
3. Cardiovascular System Elective 12
4. Anesthesiology Elective 6
5. Health Information system and E-Health Elective 6
6. Fundamental of General Medicine Practice Core 14
7. Surgery Elective 14
8. State Examination (Specialty Term) Core 2


*For a more detailed syllabus, visit the website of IMS

Other Programs of UIB

  1. UIB-English

IMS offers intensive English study Application-UIB English for those not fluent in English.

A study has shown that the UIB English application forms an additional motivation for self-study and there is a growing interest among students.

  1. Erasmus Program of UIB

The Erasmus program is an EU (European Union) funded program that organizes student exchanges between the universities. Each exchange is designed to enable the student to gain valuable international experience, either by studying part of their degree abroad, or undertaking a work placement.


Potential Challenges

The only dark spot on the shining reputation of IMS is the fact that Indian students may face some challenges in Kazakhstan. For instance, the cold climate of the country; unavailability of dead bodies to students for medical practice; lengthy or cumbersome Visa Process.

But these challenges are nothing compared to the prestige of an international degree should the student possess the will and determination to get one in the first place through hard work, persistence and a good higher education institution!

Following might help you as well.