Trinity College Dublin

Introduction of Trinity College Dublin

Trinity offers a world class education at Ireland’s leading University where you can work at the highest academic level with some of the most influential people in your field. The international partnerships with leading universities and Study Abroad opportunities enable you to travel internationally, to experience other cultures, and to gain a unique educational perspective. Trinity delivers world class education and employers worldwide hold Trinity graduates in high esteem.  Graduates include Nobel Prize winners in literature, science and medicine; presidents and world leaders; award-winning actors and film makers; internationally renowned poets and playwrights, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Courses Available in Trinity College Dublin

The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Acting, Ancient History and Archaeology (JH), Ancient and Medieval History and Culture, Business Studies and French, Business Studies and German, Business Studies and Polish, Business Studies and Russian, Business Studies and Spanish, Business, Economics and Social Studies, Classical Civilisation (JH), Classical Languages (JH), Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Deaf Studies, Diploma in Acting and Theatre, Diploma in History of European Painting, Drama Studies (JH), Drama and Theatre Studies, Early and Modern Irish, Economics (JH), English Literature (JH), English Studies, European Studies, Film Studies (JH), French (JH), German (JH), Global Business (Bachelor in Business Studies), History and Political Science, History of Art and Architecture (JH), Irish (JH), Italian (JH), Law, Law and Business, Law and French, Law and German, Law and Political Science, Middle Eastern Jewish and Islamic Civilisations (JH), Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures, Modern Language (JH), Music, Music (JH), Music Education, Philosophy, Philosophy (JH), Philosophy Political Science Economics and Sociology, Psychology, Social Studies, Sociology and Social Policy, Stage Management and Technical Theatre.

Ranking of Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is the top ranked university in Ireland. Using the QS methodology they are ranked 104th in the world and using the Times Higher Education World University Rankings methodology they are 117th in the world. Trinity is ranked 27th in the World in terms of International Outlook and is the highest ranked university in Ireland. Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s No.1 University (QS World University Ranking 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai), 2019) Trinity is ranked 104th in the World (QS World University Ranking, 2018/19).

Campus Location of Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is now surrounded by central Dublin and is located on College Green, opposite the historic Irish Houses of Parliament. The college proper occupies 190,000 m2 (47 acres), with many of its buildings ranged around large quadrangles (known as ‘squares’) and two playing fields. Academically, it is divided into three faculties comprising 25 schools, offering degree and diploma courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Website of Trinity College Dublin

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