Other than Russia, Ukraine, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan where majority of Indian students go to pursue MBBS, there are one or two popular universities on other countries. So countries like Tajikistan, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica ( Central America ), Poland, Bulgaria ( Easter Europe) also offer MBBS course approved by MCI in 1-2 universities. This section is to share information about these universities

Tajikistan is a country in Asia and is surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. The official languages of Tajikistan are Tajiki, Persian, and Russian. Tajikistan is famous for its rugged mountains, hiking and climbing.
Documents required take admission in a university or colleges in Tajikistan are:
• The petition of educational and scientific institution.
• The application of an entrant for the intention to receipt in educational establishment of the Republic of Tajikistan.
• A valid passport, which has at least two blank pages for a visa.
• Passport must be valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the requested visa
• Photo (2×2 passport-size photo, standard quality, white or blue background)
• Visa support letter.

Central America
Central America is in the southernmost part of North America. Central America is surrounded by Mexico, Colombia, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. Central America has seven countries- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.
Documents required take admission in a university or colleges in Central America are:
• Two completed visa application forms with two recent passport size photographs of applicant.
• Valid passport (at least 6 months validity). Passport data pages should be photocopied.
• Police Clearance Certificate (issued preferable by MEA)
• Evidence of funds available to applicant for the duration of visit. Statement should be stamped and sign by the Bank.
• Letter of acceptance from the University
• Flight Itinerary
• Educational Certificates (must be attested by the relevant Indian authorities)
• Yellow Fewer Vaccinations Certificates
• General Medical Certificate

Europe is a continent that is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Some of the most beautiful places in Europe are Eiffel Tower , Louvre in Paris, The Colosseum in Rome, Canals, Carnival and San Marco square in Venice and Buckingham Palace & British Museum in London.
Documents required take admission in a university or colleges in Europe are:
• A Passport valid for three months longer than the visa.
• A visa application form correctly filled in and signed together with two recent passport photos.
• Proof of registration for a full course in a higher education establishment in Belgium.
• A pledge of financial support for students. The guarantor who signs this pledge of financial support must have adequate means of subsistence and stand surety for any costs incurred by the student in terms of health treatment, residence in Belgium and repatriation, for at least one academic year.
• A medical certificate, obtained from the doctor designated by the Belgian embassy or consulate.
• A certificate of good conduct if you are over 21 (or 18 if you are going to study at a private educational establishment) dating from no more than six months prior to the date of application and covering the past year.

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