The 5 steps for the AIIMS IN CET


When it comes to pursuing graduate studies after MBBS, AIIMS is the preferred choice of most medical aspirants. As one of the leading institutes, AIIMS is an aspiration as it offers state-of-the-art technologies in medical sciences, instruments, skills labs, and some of the best medical schools in India. 


 To secure a place at AIIMS, applicants must pass the Combined Entry Test of National Importance  (INI-CET) held twice a year after graduating from MBBS. The INI-CET will be conducted in an online mode and will consist of 200 objective questions and the candidate will have three hours to answer them. 

  Here are some preparation tips that will help you excel in your AIIMS preparation.  




 Developing an effective exam preparation strategy is paramount. It is important to establish a study schedule and designate a subject/topic for each day. Also, make sure you know the weights of each subject and subject, so you can prioritize the necessary topics first. 

 Thorough research on highly productive topics will allow you to successfully answer as many questions as possible and avoid being negative. Also attention to topics such as bioavailability, PC-T plot, CYP substrates – its inducers and inhibitors, first- and zero-order kinetics, different types of receptors, and which drugs act on receptors: clinical trials, etc. 

 Likewise, when preparing for thyroid surgery and research, you should prioritize topics such as thyroid cysts, thyroiditis, and many more. 

 Make sure to identify high-yield areas for all topics before tackling any to make your preparation more successful. You can also refer to the previous year’s questions to describe the most important topics.  




 Candidates should prepare a detailed schedule and manage their study and review time accordingly. Try to use the first four months for reading and the last two months for review. Candidates should avoid spending too much time on the weaker sections and instead work to further strengthen the topics/subjects in which they are confident. 




 The most important factor for passing the INI – CET exam is consistency. Because of the limited time to prepare for the exam, you won’t be able to make up for it even if it takes a day of preparation. So you have to be strict about sticking to your set schedule. Being consistent and consistent with your preparation routine is the only way to success.


  1. Make a schedule 


 The last few months before the exam should be devoted to reviewing. Candidates need to focus on practicing multiple MC questions. Set a daily goal of practicing almost 300-400 MC questions. 


 Please read each question and its options carefully. The idea is to remember everything you know about each option and then remove the wrong one at a time. After reaching the answer, try to understand the explanation of each question. 


  1. Online mock test 


 You must complete the online practice exam last month before the exam. They work on time management skills and offer a great opportunity to identify and address your weaknesses.  Candidates are required to take a complete subject-related test is timed, non-timed, and pattern exam modes. If you ask different types of questions in the practice exam, you can also answer them correctly in the final exam. After all, it takes a lot of effort to pass this exam. Therefore, it is important to be mentally strong and to act calmly. One of the things that helps a successful preparation strategy is self-confidence. Make sure you keep working to boost your morale. There is nothing to prevent you from joining AIIMS.

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