Documents for  Canada Student Visa


If you want to enroll in academic, good professional, or vocational education at an institution, institution, or other academic institution in Canada, you must first get a study visa before visiting the country. When they arrive in Canada, students are granted this license to study. But a student must first apply for a Temporary Resident Visa, which is granted by the Canadian High Commission and facilitated via the Visa Application Centers, in order to travel there.


You must bring the Letter of Introduction as well as any necessary documentation with you when you fly to Canada. At the airport, you would need to submit your passports and the letter of recommendation to have them both verified. You won’t be awarded study permission till after that.


The  paperwork needed for a Canadian visa


After receiving the college’s Proof of Acceptance, you should submit an application for a student visa. The following papers must be submitted in order to request a study permit for Canada.


Evidence  of acceptance


A letter of admission from the college or institute you plan to attend is required. It must be a recognized learning institution. You would additionally need a Québec Acceptance Certificate if you were to file for Quebec (CAQ).


Charge Card


The visa application price is 150 Canadian dollars, or around 9280, and it must be paid with a credit card. The system only accepts credit cards; debit cards are not accepted. It’s not necessary for it to be your credit card, anyway. You may use your parents’ cards if you have their express consent.




For an online application, you need a digital passport-size photo that shouldn’t be more than 4 MB in size. If you want to send your application offline, you’ll need two compliant passport-sized pictures. Ideally, the picture is no older than six months. A consistently neutral actual face, a plain background, and no headgear are further requirements. Only hats worn for religious purposes are accepted.


Required  medical report


An authorized medical practitioner must conduct an immigrant medical examination (IME) on you. One week before starting your visa application, you should set up a visit with one of the authorized physicians to come in for a checkup. Your doctor will send CIC the results of your checkup.


Evidence  of money


You must have adequate money to pay for our living expenses and education at the present time. The Canadian Immigration Department believes that you will require at least 10,000 Canadian dollars (about 6,18,708 U.S. dollars) for each year of your residence. If you are applying in Quebec, the sum is higher, at about $6,80,579 (11,000 Canadian dollars). Additionally, you need to show that you have enough funds to cover your return cost.




Your passport must be valid for the full estimated time you will be in Canada. If you are traveling to Canada to study there, your passport has to be valid for the whole two years.


Optional paperwork


You are required to turn in an essay detailing the goals of your trip as well as your selection of the particular college. You would have had to provide your English language proficiency score as well in order to confirm your acceptance to the Canadian University. Tests like the TOEFL and IELTS are accepted. Although not required, these resources are highly recommended.

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