Is studying in Canada costly?

If you have a plan to study abroad, like in Canada, then this article will help you out in knowing how much will cost you and what elements will help you to save the money. Studying in Canada is rather expensive but some features will help one to put aside the fees of course.

  • The expense of living in Canada is very costly, whereas the cost of studying is greater.
  • The course fee is totally dependent on the choice of your school but the range of fees per year in colleges is $10,000 per year and in Universities is $40,000 each year.

Moreover, the tuition fee is more in Canada than any other country. It costs higher in few fields as well as provinces. The students pursuing medicine or dentistry at the University of Toronto Medical School will have to pay $32,000 each year. This is the second most costly institute in Canada.

The total cost for McGill University in Montreal is $40,000 each year including room and board. However, the fee varies between schools on different fields. If someone wills to study psychology other than economics, then the range of the tuition fees will be less. But there will be extra cost which is related to the type and travel facilities. 

The Canadian students have to pay less than the foreign students. Moreover, the graduate students spend more money than the undergraduate students. Leap Scholar can help you to choose the right career path which provides correct guidance as well as counselling according to the interests of the students.

A full time resident of Ontario will have to pay $6903 each year for tuition in the University of Toronto, but from the batch of 2019-2020, this amount deletes the cost of residence. 

However, the international students of the same university will have to pay $3000 extra. The international undergraduates must give a fee of $2500 which leads a total of $10k each year. The students who decide to stay with their parents have to spend less as the additional costs are deleted.

The Scholarships provided:

Some colleges as well universities in Canada offer scholarships to help manage the tuition fees. The best method to choose the accurate university is to research and find the details of it. The LeapScholar will help you out to get in touch with the best counsellors who will provide the accurate information.

A student getting scholarship should mention in the application form of visa about the scholarship which will be accepted with the application as proof of funds. Though the cost of study in Canada is expensive, the Canada Government has various programs for international students.

Federal Loans: 

The students who qualify the scheme will pay of the entire or some loan debt post graduation from university or college. The students shall pay back only what earned greater than a particular level.

With this the article is concluded stating that the students will require a study permit for continuing at the level of post-secondary through the application of International Student Visa (ISV) or a Study Permit. The ISV is free of cost and easier to apply but student should be proficient in English. 

Another option is to apply for a Work Permit which does not need any language testing procedure. However, the students have to pay 500 US dollars before issuing paperwork officially like transcripts and more.

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