Rajasthan reduces the bond service requirement  for PG and SS from 5 years to 2 years

In a major overhaul, the Rajasthan government has reduced the compulsory bond period for doctors taking graduate and super-specialized courses at state medical colleges from five years to two years.  

 The corresponding penalty for failing to meet the deposit requirements remains the same as before at Rs 250,000. 

 This move applies to all candidates from the 2019-2020 academic year onwards, so it brings this good news to both this year’s NEET PG candidates and the previous year’s candidates. 

 All PG and SS candidates at all state medical colleges in the state are required to provide bond bondsman services, according to a recent notice issued by Vaibhav Galriya, Principal Secretary of Medicine for the State of Rajasthan. increase. The period is now 2 years instead of the previously specified 5 years. The notice states that the compulsory service person shall work as a senior intern at the State Medical University, an assistant professor at the State Medical University (after completing the senior internship), and a junior intern at the State Medical University and Hospital as a senior demonstration. Is added when it can be done. 

Students will be placed in different positions by department two months before completing the PG / SS course. 

The assignment of different candidates to each vacancy is made by the Department of Medical Education. 

Candidates will be assigned to temporary posts in the School of Medicine, PHC, and CHC based on the benefits of their respective exams (NEET PG and NEET SS). 

This notice adds that as long as the booking criteria are met, the DME  will form an advisory body for issuing advertisements to notify of vacancies. In addition, PG and SS candidates have been added to be eligible to be hired as assistant professors after completing a one-year course. 

 If you are selected for Super Specialization after completing the PG course, you will be enrolled in the SS course and will work for two years after completing the SS course. 

  If the candidates do not want to serve, they will have to pay a bond of Rs 250,000.

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