PTE listening section and tips to crack it

PTE listening section and tips to crack

PTE listening section is really hard for some people, because writing and reading are individualistic skills but listening is a two people task: Listener and Speaker. The person listening need to be aware of the accent and the context of speaker.
If we break the section into small parts you will understand that there are probably 2 ways to score better in English Listening section either Practice, learn and master your English Listening skills or Follow the tips and techniques relevant to PTE Academic.
So let’s start with some basic tips:

 Increase your vocabulary. While listening new content increases vocabulary, in parallel increasing your vocabulary will also boost your English understanding while listening.

 Listen actively. For eg. The music that we listen for enjoyment compared to we listen for learning music are different experiences as later requiring more attention. Same is with languages.

 Movies and TV shows. Use sub-titles in first watch and then watch again without sub titles. (Interest in content also bring attention, hence movies and tv). While doing that you need to identify supporting points in a dialogue between two people or examples and learn identifying a speaker’s purpose, style, tone or attitude.

What you need to understand is that this section is about identifying the topic, theme or main ideas, summarizing the main idea in your own way just from what you heard and remember.

Understanding academic vocabulary is very important using the root words you must be able to Infer the meaning of unfamiliar words and comprehend explicit and implicit information.
By the end of your preparations you should be able to comprehend concrete and abstract information. Classifying and categorizing information is also an important aspect of scoring a good score. While writing a summary make sure you practice writing under timed conditions, and make sure to take notes while listening to a recording.

Listen carefully and use words and phrases appropriate to the context. Using correct grammar and using correct spelling is the basic which you have to follow.

Practice time management. Always try and stick to the time suggested above when you are practicing the listening section questions. Ask the trainer to time you according to the time you want to give yourself for each test.

You must try getting the materials from reliable resources like as its always best to get study material from those who have been successfully sending numerous student for study abroad and other clients who wish to migrate to another country for better lifestyle or business expansion. Finally, it all comes down to different concentration techniques. Concentration practice helps you concentrate only on the audio while you are in the exam hall. It also improves the concentration power by limiting distractions. Build yourself up to your PTE Academic Listening test on a range of academic topics by reading and listening widely and make your study abroad dream come true by achieving an excellent score in the PTE exam! Best of luck!

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