Date 24th August

Once again Canadian university’s have been rated amongst the top university’s of the world according to the QS World university Rankings.

Canada is one of the favourite destination to study for all the students because of many factors such as easily available PR, reasonable fees , and most importantly always stood first  when it comes to ranking this time also 26v Canadian universities have been ranked top universities of the world.

Popular provinces in the Canada  where all the students wants to go for their further studies are as follows:


British Columbia


When the particular universities have been ranked by the QS  World in the global list then that is like cherry on the cake , so according to that Toronto’s University has been rankled one of the top university of the Canada with the rank of 25.

Statement by vice president of Toronto that it is feeling of proud to be ranked in Ranking of World Universities as one of the top 25 schools globally in the academic.

By this ranking reputation of the university is highlighted and university gets motivation to work on the research and scholarships in the various domains.

McGill university located in the quebec is also rated 31st on the global list. This university is the second most highly ranked university of the Canada .

Every year thousands of candidates send their applications to study in MCGill university, this university has maintained its status and now able to make their position in the global ranking.



This university is one of the most demanded university of the Canada and managed to get 3re rank in the ranking list. The reason for the prestige is the commitment towards human rights.

Further QS added that UBC has somehow managed to get the position of this because of there continuous efforts towards equity, diversity, quality education, and equal opportunities for the potential candidates.

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is united nations thoughts so ubc is the first one which has implemented this approach and remained commited towards their strategy and became first university in the north America

Francophone Université de Montréal university of Alberta stood  4TH in the ranking list of Canada and 118th and 119th globally position.

Queen’s and University of Calgary

Above university stood at 9th spot in Canada. Where as McMaster university stood 6th and 144th in Canada and internationally respectively.

Further waterloo university managed to get the position of 166th globally, 203rd position is of western university and also Queen’s University and the University of Calgary got 9th position and 246 in Canada and globally respectively.

Apart from these all rest are 16 universities which all got ranked by the QS World in their list. Canada study permit is necessary for all the candidates to study in the Canada.

In addition to the study permit international students need to follow below things in order to get admission in Canada:

  • Have to show their financial status like they can pay for the fees, and can travel easily.
  • Should be free from any criminal record.
  • Universities, colleges must accept them.
  • No medical issue, and if necessary so should be able to go through medical examination.

Quebec universit’s offer:

University has offer for all the students who have applied to the university is that they will get vaccination shots absolutely free of cost the only condition being that they must be above 12 years of age.

Further MIFI states that all the Quebec residents must get vaccination shots irrespective of their nationality the condition being that all of them must be above 12 years of age.

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