According to the various surveys, conducted throughout Australia, it was found that people living in the capital of Australia were more happier that the people living across whole Australia. The report stated that, in the survey various well- being indicators were measured  and it was clearly seen that Canberra people were most happiest among the other Australian people. Also it was seen that even after lockdown the people were not affected and leading their life cheerfully.

The different well beings were personal well being, access connectivity ,socialization ,  good positive attitude ,etc. were taken into consideration.

The research was done during the lockdown phases in Australia in both the phases in the years 2020 and 2021 and Schirmer was the head researcher. During the first phase of lockdown the personal well being was a bit affected but in the second phase it did not change significantly was almost negligible.

 Canberra was entitled with the title of most livable city and the community living there is very humble, happy, friendly ,welcoming and believe in living with peace and harmony . 

Those students who are really interested to study in Australia would be happy to know that Canberra has high employment rate , high and good average salary and it is very affordable for low budget people also , finding basic accommodation cost is really low when compared to the rest part of Australia.

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