MBBS from Jinzhou Medical University

Although the school was founded in 1946, it was developed into Jinzhou Medical College in 1958 and the current name was taken up in 2016.

This 73 year old medical-based, multilevel, multidisciplinary and multiform educational institution has a student body of 13,806, of which about 400 are international students, from different countries worldwide, pursuing different medical programs, shortlisted on the basis of a selective admission policy, with the eligibility decided on the basis of past academic records.

Ranking of Jinzhou Medical University
• Country rank is 420
• World rank is 2833
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Educational Department of Liaoning Province

Location of Jinzhou Medical University

The Jinzhou Medical University, is located in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province, north-eastern China. It all the basic amenities within the reach of the students. Situated in the Liaoxi Corridor, it offers economic transportation facilities.

Faculty of Jinzhou Medical University
The University offers 6 kinds of education, which are, general high education, state-owned privately run education, adult education, vocational education, online education and international students’ education.

The University has a staff strength of 823 full-time teachers, 74 of whom have been granted a doctoral degree, 533 associate professors and 219 professors and chief doctors, presiding over 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, laboratories and bases, rendering courses in 21 specialized undergraduate subjects, 32 master’s degree programs and 1 doctor degree program.

Advantages of studying in Jinzhou Medical University
• The University charges affordable tuition fees, without compromising the high quality education at world standards and other facilities made available for the students.
• The students can also avail scholarships as a tuition fee waiver according to certain conditions.
• The University has an experienced and dedicated faculty and staff strength, who have proven expertise in academic, clinical and research areas, to impart world class education to the young minds.
• The University ranks among top 10 medical universities in China and the top 350 medical university in the world.
• The University has premium world class facilities, with 56 teaching laboratories, 4 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice.
• The University has a huge library with reference books and journals, advanced electronic reading room and access to the retrieval system for medical documents from the American MEDLINE and the Chinese Medical Institute.
• The University has healthy relationships and collaborations with organizations and institutions of national and international importance and involves in academic exchange activities with universities abroad, such as the University of Glasgow and lectures by specialists. This facilities in providing enough exposure and enlightenment of students.
• There are also arrangements for clinical classes and learning process in indoor, outdoor and emergency department in the 3 affiliated hospitals, which facilitates in the development of their professional skillset.
• Accommodations facilities for the students are done 5 in fully furnished dormitories, within the JZMU and LMU campuses, offering all standard and modern facilities like wardrobe, an air-conditioner, a water heater, and internet connection, etc.

 Fee Structure of Jinzhou Medical University

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