Workforce movement across globe is as big as products and services. Some people move across cities within a state , some go across states in a country and many go to different country in search of greener pastures.

Who should consider this option:

Before answering this question , you need to think beyond what you saw since your childhood especially in developing countries. In developing countries, we see poverty, hunger, crowd, struggle for day to day survival as population demand of resources far exceed country income/ resources. Imagine now a place where there are far more resources than demand. Where you have got fertile land but no one to cultivate. You have got natural resources but very few takers for that.

There are many countries who are blessed with this situation and thus there are people living in developing countries who wish to live in these heaven on earth.

Which are these countries:

Scandinavian countries such as Sweden Norway, Denmark & Finland. Then we have USA, Canada and Australia/ Newzealand. Most of western European countries such as UK, France, Italy Germany, Spain, Switzerland etc.

Out of these countries, few are English speaking countries. These are USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Newzealand. In the current scenario, Australia, Newzealand and Canada are more open for Immigration than other countries.

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What GKworks Offer :

We offer end to end guidance for your Immigration to Australia, Newzealand and Canada. Please note that we dont offer any job guarantee. You get Residency visa to come to these countries and find work the way you find in your home country.

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