Over two million immigration applications are pending in Canada.


In 2020, because of pandemic everything came to hold which led to more than 2 million temporary residency, permanent residency and citizenship applications are awaiting to be processed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In 2021, Canada welcomed the most permanent resident, due to pandemic outbreak, Local health measures, travel and border restrictions resulted in backlog for several applications.

An investment of $85 million is being made to help break through the backlog

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, IRCC had taken measures and progressed significantly, giving extra support where they are most required and optimising the procedures. Canada is undertaking measures to solve the problem, along with a $85 million investment to process more applications and shorten processing time in the main areas impacted by the pandemic. The investment will help to meet Canada’s Labour needs and economic and also guarantee Canada’s immigration system. The significance of immigration in attracting top global talent, meeting corporate demands, and alleviating labour shortages. Temporary foreign workers and immigrants assist Canada satisfy long- and short-term labour market needs, and international students and visitors are critical to the companies and organizations they represent.

500,000+ people are still awaiting decisions on their applications to become permanent residents

There are more than 500,000 persons waiting for their permanent residency requests to be approved, and more than 1,00,000 people waiting for temporary residence applications. Considering the enormous number of applications currently pending, IRCC’s first aim is to provide prompt services to the clients by moving to a more connected, and centralised working environment, which will assist speed up application processing.

For persons who want to become Canadians, IRCC is modernising and expanding its services, including online testing, online citizenship ceremony, and an online application trackers to keep track of their papers.

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