With changing times, the skills required to succeed in the world are changing fast. There used to be a  time not long ago where seniority of a professional was gauged by the thickness of visiting cards folder. Now, the visiting cards are becoming obsolete. The  functional and industry experience that used to be in brains and grey hairs is now available at the click of a button in web world. The jobs are changing every 10 years, the coding languages changes faster than clothes. In coming years, this change is only going to get faster.

Are you ready for it. Are you conditioning yourself to be adaptable to these rapid changes in future ???


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Saksham_Life Skills mentoring


Take our Saksham test right below to find how much are you prepared to take on this competitive world. The test is only 22 questions and should not take more than 3 minutes. You shall get score out of 400. if you are over 300, you are all set in life.


Saksham Scoring Version

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Some of the concepts that you are going to understand in detail through this program are

  1. Everyone is a sales person


  1. 8 hrs of efficient work is all you need


  1. Success need many factors failures only one


  1. Experience is not only about quantity but quality


Please see below few Saksham Seminars conducted in top organisations

  1. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

    2.   New Delhi Institute of Management