With changing times, the skills required to succeed in the world are changing fast. There used to be a  time not long ago where seniority of a professional was gauged by the thickness of visiting cards folder. Now, the visiting cards are becoming obsolete. The  functional and industry experience that used to be in brains and grey hairs is now available at the click of a button in web world. The jobs are changing every 10 years, the coding languages changes faster than clothes. In coming years, this change is only going to get faster.

Are you ready for it. Are you conditioning yourself to be adaptable to these rapid changes in future ???

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Saksham_Life Skills mentoring


Take our Saksham test right below to find how much are you prepared to take on this competitive world. The test is only 22 questions and should not take more than 3 minutes. You shall get score out of 400. if you are over 300, you are all set in life.


Saksham Scoring Version

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Few Activities that we do under Saksham


                                                        Internships/ Work experience
  1. Work from home internships is very popular these days especially post covid. Few areas in which valuable experience can be gained in work from home internships are

Digital Marketing, Content Development, Graphic Designing, Social media marketing, recruitment, finance, software and app development, marketing, Business development

  1. Onsite/ Office Internships

Working in physical offices and meeting with clients/ customers can never go away. So soon after Covid scare is over, we shall see people working from offices. There are specific skills that you develop when you work with people. Common areas for physical internships are

Digital Marketing, Content Development, Graphic Designing, Social media marketing, recruitment, finance, software and app development, marketing, Business development, Finance, Corporate Strategy, Sales

What we do: We help you get internships in organisation. We are partnered with 4 types of organisations

  1. Big International known brands like ICICI/ HSBC/ India bulls/ IBM/ Pepsi/ Coca Cola/ Amazon
  2. Nationally known brands like CL/ TIME/ Indospirits/ Urban Ladder
  3. Companies with employee size over 100 like I2E1/ ICASR/ Citybond/Autus Digital/ Mehta Transport
  4. Small Companies founded by IIM/ IIT alumni like theMargdarshak
  5. Owner Driven shops ( We don’t encourage that though)

2. International Certifications                                                                                                                                                    International certifications help you prove your skills in Black & White.  We guide candidates to pursue these certifications as per their profile and career aspirations. For example

For Digital marketing professions:

Google Analytics IQ Certification, Google Ads Certification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification etc.

Similarly, right certifications are advised as per candidate profile

3. Social Organization Experiences

In todays’ world, exposure of working in social organisations is highly valued. It is believed that working in social organisations make a person sensitive towards community rather than pure money hunting shark.

What we do: We help you get internships in organisation. We are partnered with 4 types of organisations

  1. Big International known brands like UNICEF/ WHO/ MSDF
  2. Nationally known brands like Save The Children/ Helpage India
  3. Small NGO’s founded by reputed people like PADIndia
  4. NGO’s only on paper ( we don’t encourage that)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4. Online Visibility & Written Communication

As they say, ‘जो दीखता हे वह बिकता हे ‘ So we make you visible on digital platforms

We guide you to create your brand on social media like YouTube/ twitter/ Facebook or Instagram

Writing skills are necessary for effective communication. So we guide you to develop this skill by encouraging you to write blogs on area of your choice. Then, these blogs are also published on candidate LinkedIn profile/ BlogSpot’s along with external blogs as guest posts

  1. Verbal Communication with General Awareness

Effective verbal communication is integral to professional success. Also, you need to know what is happening around you to become part of senior professional space. We help you to develop this skill by making you interact with senior professionals to discuss various business and political issues in English language

  1. General Skills

In Early 2000, English speaking skills became generic skill in India. By 2010, everybody was supposed to know MS- Office. Below are skills in 2020 that every professional should have:

GST, Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, Negotiation Skills, Self Learning, Global citizen, General awareness, Image editing

  1. Personal health and appearance

A pleasing and fit human is liked by all. So how you ensure to look one? We mentor people in physical appearance aspect by guiding them on

Dressing sense, hair style, weight control, eating etiquettes

  1. Online and Academic courses

We Guide students on which extra courses he should do both online and offline to build the profile. The course content should match with the career aspiration as well as background of the candidate

  1. Extra Curricular Activities and Hobbies

Yes. You read it right. We plan with the candidate on what kind of extracurricular activities he should be engaged in. Hobbies are natural but we still guide those hobbies on right direction to achieve a certain goal. For example: How gardening as a hobby can be sold as creative interest!!


Some of the other  concepts that you are going to understand in detail through this program are
  1. Everyone is a sales person


  1. 8 hrs of efficient work is all you need


  1. Success need many factors failures only one


  1. Experience is not only about quantity but quality


Please see below few Saksham Seminars conducted in top Institutes

  1. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

    2.   New Delhi Institute of Management

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