When will Australia’s border get open?


The Australia is now planning to open its borders for international students, from 15 December 2021. The government is now planning for reopening borders after almost two years of closing, due to the pandemic of COVID- 19.  The reopening was declared by the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. The PM said that the country is planning to get opened up for students and visa holders, from middle of the December. In the mean time, the health Minister stated that there is no promise for the opening, in mid-December itself. 

Morrison opined that the country is looking to move on with the pandemic, and is not wishing to get backwards. Along with PM, the Trade and Tourism Minister, Dan Tehan also gave some details about the reopening of the country for international students and workers, from mid- December itself. 

The reopening was actually planned from December 1st itself. But the coming of new COVID-19 variant, Omicron has created some changes in it. However, the Government makes sure that the reopening is planned in a systematic and accurate way, to prevent the number of COVID -19 cases in the country. 

Some Australian states have made some plans for welcoming international students, back in this month. They have got permission from the government, for their reopening plans. The states, which have now received Government approval includes – South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria. Along with these states, Sydney has also made planning for international students. About 250 students had already reached Sydney, on 6th December itself. Now they expect more people from 24th December.

The government has already declared some regulations for preventing serious situations, after the reopening. Vaccination against COVID-19 is made mandatory, for all international students. Also, those vaccines must need to be approved by Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA), in order to get approval for reaching institutions. Along with vaccination, the government has ordered for strict quarantine and testing, for all international students, as preventing method against the pandemic. The state governments also look for more strict rules like extending emergency until February 2022, and imposing face covers for people from risky nations and so on, to control the pandemic. 

Australian education is one of the most affected ones in the world, by losing many international students after the outbreak of the pandemic. Now the Government is planning for several programs to get more students from foreign nations again, and to flourish the education system back. 

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