Applications for Study Abroad Program at Auburn University Due 21 November

The Sustainability in Northern Climates Study Abroad Program that is to be held in Quebec City, Canada will take place during the spring break, i.e., March 5 – 12, 2022. The applications for the same are due on November 21 and even though this will be conducted during the spring break, students are still required to meet for classes, on campus, in the spring semester.

The major objective of this course is to expose students to how sustainability works in the northern climates through the use of cultural activities, sports food, etc. Moreover, as the course takes place in Quebec City, it will also help the students to explore the francophone city which will provide them an experience of Europe in Canada.

Other activities in the course are city and culture tours, a hockey game, dog-sledding and cross-country skiing. It will help students experience spring in a colder climate and how climate affects culture. Even if students aren’t as interested in climate and culture, this course is bound to provide them with an exciting spring break.

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