Study abroad 2022: Details on Canadian study permit


The 2021 has now come to its ending month. Now, the international students are looking for the reopening of boundaries of various countries, for the students. But in the mean time, many countries are reworking on their opening of borders, because of the new variant, that is the omicron variant. This article is to provide details regarding education in Canada for all international students. 

Canada is one of the countries where omicron was found. Even though the number of affected is not so high, the Canadian Government is also fasting up its preventive methods to overcome the new variation. In the mean time, the process of opening education system for abroad students is also going on, with strong regulations and procedures. 

When we look for the requirements for getting study permit in Canada, we can surely see that, they do not demand for being vaccinated, in the initial process. They require vaccination details only in the later stages of visa processing only. Also, the government has provided some regulations for people coming from certain countries, based on the pandemic situation.


Important requirements to travel for Canada

  • Must be qualified as a fully vaccinated traveler, with any of the vaccine accepted in the list declared by the Canadian Government. 
  • Completing all dozes before the travel is also important.
  • The Government has given list of some countries, for temporary ban for travel, based on the new omicron COVID- 19 variant. Thus, the people from those countries are not allowed to enter Canada, at present.


Student- visa and Study permit: differences

Many people misunderstand study permit as a visa to enter Canada. But actually study permit and visa are not the same. Study permit is something that identifies you as a student, studying in any Canadian institution (Designated Learning Institution/ DLI). It will let you to study, work and reside in Canada, for a specific period of time, mentioned in it. Moreover, it will let you to access Social Insurance Number, which will provide you opportunities to work in the country. It is not an entry ticket to Canada, and is completely different from a visa.

Visa, on the other hand is the approved entry ticket for you to enter into the territory of Canada. Mostly the process of visa will be carried along with study permit application itself, for the students. 


Study permit in Canada: process and requirements

  • Application is online process. There is no need to be there in Canada, for the process. Also, option for submitting paper application is allowed for some exceptional situations.  
  • Nearly 150 Canadian dollars is required to complete the application process. 
  • Required documents – three documents are mandatory to get study permit in Canada. They are- 
  1. DLI Acceptance proof – The institution must approve you as eligible based on COVID – 19 regulations. Original proof or electronic copy has to be submitted with the application. 
  2. Passport or equivalent document – documents for proving identity, like passport is required. The passport should be valid, not expired.
  3. Financial proof 
  • Along with these documents to recent passport size photo should be submitted. In those photos, you must write your name and date of birth in the backside.


Time duration for processing study permit

The process is not in a usual way, now days, mainly because of the restrictions by the pandemic. The people from countries which have no restrictions for travelling to Canada are getting the priority. The others are similarly categorized according to the travel regulations they have. So, it will take more than one or two months to get any kind of communications from the authorities. 


Along with the application process, ensure that you have successfully completed medical test, and submitted biometrics, in time. Failing to submit biometrics in time will lead to rejection of your application. And after all the submissions, check the process periodically, to know more about the progress in it. 


Student Direct Stream (SDS) programme

This programme is initiated for getting permit fast, in exceptional situations. The programme allows students from certain countries to get permit in short period. The people who apply for permit through SDS will get their application processed within 20 days from the date of application itself. 

The countries eligible for SDS are – Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vietnam


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