MBBS: truths and misconceptions


 A medical science aspirant in India needs no introduction about the NEET exam and its importance. NEET is one of the most popular and challenging exams among students of India. Appearance for NEET itself needs a lot of preparation. Since it is the entrance for medical education, it has a great importance among the academic system of India. 

College life experiences are one of the most beautiful experiences for a person in this world. College life provides many lessons for the whole life. In not only include academics, but also many other things too. In this category, medical college life is entirely different from all others. It show many other sides of lives in the world, and teach the importance of our life. Choosing a career based on medical science needs thinking for more than ten times. It generally deals with human life, so without pure dedication working or learning in medical field will not give positive result. Even though medical education has these much importance, there are many misconceptions regarding medical colleges, which make many people to run away from choosing it. In this article we are introducing some of such concepts and its reality before you. 



  • Medicine takes whole life for learning:


This is one of the popular dialogues said by people who discourage students from taking medicine. The truth part is graduation in medicine is the longest course in the current world. But, with a Bachelors degree in medicine, one cannot make service to the society. The specialization in medicine is itself studied in a post- graduation.  Without properly specialized, a medical graduate can’t even diagnose the actual medical issue. Since it deal with human life, proper education is very much important.  Acquiring enough knowledge in medicine will take time. One dedicated student will not find it so long, since all they want to do is service for the society.


  • You need to be clever to pursue medicine:

This is also a pure non-sense created for discouraging students from taking medicine. Academic ranks are not the eligibility for any career. The actual thing wanted more is absolute dedication. Any 12th completed student, with minimum 55% marks can apply for NEET exams. Even though the admissions will rely on NEET scores, there are other opportunities also. A cent percent dedicated aspirant, with minimum marks may perform great when compared to a topper without pure commitment. 



  • Only born with a silver spoons can choose MBBS:


MBBS is not only made for rich class people. Health is important for all, and thus medical education also is like that. No person without proper knowledge and commitment can shine in the medical field. If you are able to crack NEET with a top score, you may get many scholarships from the government itself. Every year, the majority of the top scholars are getting seats with scholarships. Also various non-governmental scholarships are also available in the country, for pursuing your studies.



  • Exam will be tough, and one year drop-out is just common:


No entrance exam is simple. The toughness of the exam is to filter most apt students for allowing for continuing studies in the specific stream. Just admit that NEET is one of the exams attended by students from each and every part of India. So, just with a loose selection process, nothing positive will be made, in the field. 

 And the people who say that dropping out is common, are real de motivators of your life. With proper preparation anyone can crack any exam in first attempt.  Since medicine is the highly admired job in the world, preparation for at least one or more year is important for pursuing it. Every year, a good percent of students crack the NEET in their first attempt. So cracking exam is completely resisted on your preparation level. 



  • You will be surrounded by studies,  there will be no life outside the medical wards:


Medicine is a 24/7 profession. Emergency situations will not come after informing you in advance. So the life related to medicine will also be a 24/7 life. A seriously dedicated person will never say that he had no social life or enjoyment during his college life. You can find space for enjoyment and happiness in between anything if you really give yourself to the medicine field. And this dedication is the main factor, which make medicine as most precious profession in the world. 



  • MBBS life is all just around books:


Medicine is also like any other subject, which need more reference and studying. You have to mould yourself into a good medical officer by acquiring vast knowledge. This will definitely lead you to roam around study materials. Again I would say, a dedicated student will not find it difficult as like the others.



  • Specialize in most admired subject:


Every subject in medical field has its own importance. Every human part is important for a healthy life. Similarly, every subject can be selected by students for specialization. Dedication and knowledge about the subject is the only matter needed.



  • You can walk towards rich life by selecting medicine:


Medicine is one of the most prestigious and virtuous profession in the world. People, having the ideologies like making money, practicing as a business, are actually the ill luck of this field. The medical profession is giving you an opportunity to serve the world, irrespective of any difference. No job, except medicine will give you the chance of working without any type of partiality. Everyone is, and should be equal before the medicine and the doctor. Money can be made in many ways, medical profession is not important for it. 

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