Re-opening us to the world- says Australian Government


Australia is one of the popular countries for international students, as well as for international workers. Like the other countries in the world, Australia was also restricted entry for foreigners after the outbreak of COVID- 19 virus. Now, after the restrictions given for almost twenty months, Australian Government is planning to open its borders for students and workers. The Australian Home Minister, Karen Andrews declared that the Government is planning to open for all, likely from December 1.


Last month itself, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison took off the restriction imposed for Australians for overseas travelling. This also made an overflow of bookings for travelling, since the summer is coming in the southern hemisphere. But still, Morrison disapproves relaxing travel restrictions, imposed in the country for Foreigners. 


As a part of this reopening borders, Australia is welcoming students who are admitted to the Universities in Australia. The studies states that more than 130000 international students are now living outside Australia. The universities also fear that the students may move to other countries, like Europe or US, which are now opened for foreigners. 


In the meantime, the business firms of Australia are likely to take the vaccinated foreign workers, back to the country for working. The firms generally agree that they are having many hardships, on this third year of the pandemic. But still, the authorities are not disclosing details regarding the foreign travelers and tourism of the nation. The tourism of the country was severely collapsed by the outbreak of the pandemic, from 2020 march itself.  Even though the borders are opening, the Government strongly requests for a Covid-19 negative certificate from the arriving people, taken before their departure from their homeland. The government further informs that citizens from Japan, Singapore and South Korea can also arrive to Australia with a Covid-19 negative certificate taken before their departure. 

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