Trump government’s attempt to restrict entry of the Indians to the United States is not something new to hear. It has been a long time since we hear the news of Trump administration’s attempts to put restriction on the most popular H1-B visas. However, on the other hand the, the Liberal Party in Canada is giving the Indians opportunity to work in Canada. The country thinks that they would be requiring educated workforce in future. There are many Indians specially the people form the Punjabi community who are working in Canada for a very long time.

There were around 39,500 Indians whose entry in Canada was recorded in year 2018 via the express entry system as per the Immigration Division data. These Indians have now got the permanent residency in Canada.

It is to be noted that there is increase of around 51% in people who permanent residency in Canada in 2018 as compared to 2017. There were many admissibility hearings organised by the immigration division for many people who were earlier inadmissible under the laws in Canada. Many hearings are also conducted for people who are detained under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Basically, express entry is just like an invitation given to the people from other countries to enter in Canada. It is interesting to know that more than 50% of people who have acquired permanent residency in Canada are Indians. As per the data, there are around 92000 people from different countries who were given permanent residency of Canada in the year of 2018 by the Liberal government.

Out of all the invitations around 46% of invitation were sent to Indians especially people form Punjab. It is a clear indication that Justin Trudeau government finds the Indian people more trustworthy and hardworking than the people from other countries. The invitation to the Indian people was even more than the invitations sent to the people of china and Nigeria.

However, it has been noted from last few years of formation of the Trump government that many Indian workers in USA have migrated to Canada due to the strict rules and regulations on residency in USA. The problems in obtaining of H1-B visas in USA has led to the migration of the Indian workers from USA to Canada.

Canada has also started many immigration programmes taking into consideration many groups of people under its long- term talent skimming programme. The main strategy of the programme is to attract investment from many companies which will further benefit many businesses along with 40,000 people with a short 2- week application processing time.

This strategy has also helped around 1100 Canadian companies to hire 4300 talented foreign workers. The flexible start-up VISA programme has led to establishment of 200 start-ups by 300 young entrepreneurs in Canada.

How to get Canada PR

Canada is offering various paths for PR, most common being express entry Skilled migration route.

With every day passing, the score is rising as more n more people are coming into candidate pool.  Very soon, this path would become impossible for people without study in Canada .

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