Top languages used by UK employers

Learning another language can be a tough task at times, but practice and the right mindset one can achieve whatever they wish.

The top five languages used by UK employers are as follows:

  1. English
    1.121 billion total speakers
  2. Chinese
    1.107 billion total speakers
  3. Hindi
    534.2 million total speakers
  4. Spanish
    512.9 million total speakers
  5. French
    284.9 million total speakers

At university level one has plenty of opportunities to progress in their chosen language.

The free language app namely Babbel is known to be last year’s the world’s most-spoken languages, based off the total number of people who speak them. This application was launched to support their users.

According to latest study, Chinese comes out on top with almost 1.2 billion native speakers, and then Spanish comes second, with English trailing behind in third.

But, Contrary to the statistics above, these are not the languages UK employers currently use the most.

For international job platform, German overtakes the leader board leaving behind French, Chinese and even Spanish!

Rise of German inspire many students to alter their language lessons or download free language apps to increase their German or French dialect.

Demand for German language skills by UK employers has risen by 11.59 percent, while Chinese has soared by 35.39 percent.

Brexit effect 

The rise in European languages is due to the happenings of Brexit.

Languages are essential for trade, business and the economy, it is critical to start valuing languages.

It is also being said that the language learning in the UK is in need of revival, This is having a knock-on effect at university level. Between 2007-08 and 2017-18, the number of students studying languages at university has fallen by over half. With fewer students applying, at least 10 modern languages departments have closed in the last decade, and a further nine have significantly downsized.

Employers are in great need of employees who can speak German and French. The UK has the potential to become a linguistic powerhouse; and with the right policies, political will and cross-sector support, we can create hundreds of thousands of linguists -and transform the UK into a more prosperous, productive, influential nation. Embracing multilingualism would enrich us culturally and economically, improve social cohesion and enhance our wellbeing.

Currently it is the best time for us to download a free language learning app or to surround ourselves with fellow language enthusiasts after seeing the demand for German and French linguists in the UK.

Learning these languages gives extra edge to our CV and also increases the chances of employment.

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