Medical education in Madhya Pradesh:  construction of more medical colleges in the state


To improve the medical education and service opportunities in Madhya Pradesh, the government is now planning to make six new medical colleges within the state. The project will really make a hike in the medical education of the state. The project was declared on 30th November, 2021 by the public relations department, before the PTI. The department states that 1547.45 crore rupees is already allocated for the initial construction works, by the government. 

The proposal of medical college construction was approved in the cabinet meeting, held under the chair of Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan.  The Medical Dialogues further gives details that, the State Government has approved to provide 97,452 square meters of land near Kanavati, for constructing a medical college, in this project. 

Initially Madhya Pradesh has 23 medical colleges, out of which 14 colleges under the Government itself.  Now six additional medical colleges are being constructed, which will provide more medical education facilities in the state.


Opportunities for medical education in Madhya Pradesh, according to the report submitted before Lok Sabha, 

Government Private Total
No. of medical colleges in the state 14 9 23
No. of seats available 2135 1450 3585


Places where new medical colleges are going to be constructed – initial allocated amount

  • Mandla – 249.63 cr
  • Sheopur – 256.83 cr
  • Neemuch – 255.78 cr
  • Singrauli – 258.07 cr
  • Rajgarh – 256.55 cr
  • Mandsaur – 270.59 cr

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