Some countries are famous for pursuing MBBS because of low budget, what if we tell you complete MBBS course would be sponsored by government only? Yes, this is possible in Italy, Italy conducts the exam called IMAT by passing that student gets access to free education in Italy.

But do we have to clear NEET?

This totally depends on the student if they want to settle in Italy then no NEET, but if student wants to return to India, then with IMAT, NEET is also mandatory.

We know you all are getting curious about other details also which are as follows:

  • Only enrollment fees would be needed that is around 150 Euros.
  • IMAT has 4 sections i.e

section 1- Logical reasoning and General Knowledge

section 2 – Biology

section 3 – chemistry

section 4 – physics and mathematics

  • Same like NEET student would have to be very careful as negative marking can take the whole score down, because if   any question is wrong than student has to say bye bye to 0.4 marks, and for each correct answer student will be rewarded with 1.5 marks
  • This exam will be conducted on paper where student has to fill the bullets with the help of pen for 100 minutes, student  Is allotted only with 100 minutes and total number of questions are 60.

As now you all must be wondering about location of the exam?

So students are given with two options i.e gurugram and south west of new delhi, this exam is conducted in the month of September either it would be 1st or 2nd week.  But student should do the registration process by july.

But what if student gets fail in IMAT? Then student can either prepare for IMAT again by enrollment in the foundation courses in Italy (But student will not be provided with the scholarship amount)  or can choose  any other course related to BIO.

So in short studying in Italy is win win situation for all the students.

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