Top Medical Universities in Russia, Best Medical Colleges for Indian Students

As per the list of the World Health Organization, the Russian Medical University maintains about 30 seats in the top 100 medical universities. Universities recognized by WHO and NMC of India. With excellent amenities, the most advanced technology, and infrastructure, MBBS Russia is the chief preference for Indian students. As per the Indian Embassy in Moscow, there are currently more than 6,000 Indian students getting an education at the most high-grade medical universities in Russia.

Following are some top colleges in Russia.


 First Moscow State Medical University, Russia

Founded in the year-1758 this is one of the oldest universities in Russia. Being the oldest university it is the best college in Russia and also home for many societies. The university has obtained a rank of 1321st position in the Best Global Universities. Several great doctors and researchers are from this university making it a pathfinder in the Russian healthcare arrangement. The university has completed its 260 years in the year-2018.

World Rank: # 12060 | Country Rank: #38 | Tuition Fee: US$ 9800


Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Situated in Ufa, Russia this university is one of the best and largest universities in Russia and it ranks among the 5 best universities. the Ministry of Education of Russia has granted a license to this university to educate foreign students.

World rank: 3538; Annual tuition fee: 2,73,000 Rubles.


Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Since the establishment of this university, it has always succeeded in maintaining its rank among the best colleges in Russia. The main attraction of the university is its teaching staff. The schooling department of the University has 763 profoundly knowledgeable educators and tutors with 11 academicians, 96 educators, and 401 associate teachers among them. World ran: 3108; Annual tuition fee: 5900 $


Crimea State Medical University, Russia

Crimea State Medical University is recognized as one of Russia’s best universities, with around 5,000 students. Crimea State Medical University, identified after S. Georgievsky, is a medical school established in Simferopol, Russia. As per some analysis, it ranks among the 10 best medical universities in Russia. Crimea Medical University has continuously been the hub of Crimea’s educational and professional medical training as well as presenting general medicine and pharmacy programs.

World rank : 3512; annual tuition fee; 2.50,000 rubles


Orel State University, Russia

Many factors contribute to the greatness of this university. This university is a segment of the Association of classical universities of Russia. The university offers 110 different courses which are divided into 14 training areas and specialties.

World rank: 3298; Annual tuition fee: 200,000 Rubles


Belgorod State University, Russia

This university enjoys the grant of Research university amid the different universities in Russia. Thus university has special courses to offer. The university has won several competitions which indicates that the university can not only make good researchers and professionals but can also contribute to the prosperity of Russia.

World rank: 857; Annual tuition fee: 4900 US Dollars


Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

St. Petersburg State Medical University has made notable donations to the expansion of Russian medical science and health care and is identified as an essential hub for the preparation of specialists in several medical fields worldwide. Regular replacements with various medical universities and institutions in several countries, students weighing entering SPbSMU can learn at a modern level and maintain the best traditions of classical Russian medical schools.

World rank #3804, Tuition Fee 3,80,000 per year


Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Established in the central part of Russia it is one of the reputed universities in Russia. Many Indian students have obtained their degrees from this university. Several courses in the field of medicine are offered by the university. World rank #3358, Tuition Fee 3,50,000 per year


Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Established in the year-1944 it is one of the most preferred universities in Russia for Indian students. The department presents the students with the course of General Medicine. Every year around 200 students pass out from the university who later serve in different nations. In the period of the course, students are taught 54 subjects.

World rank #5109, Tuition Fee 4,00,000 per year 


Altai State Medical University

Situated in the West Siberian part it is one of the most preferred universities in Russia. Altai State Medical University is established southeast of Russia in Barnaul city, the capital of Altai Krai. A very good quality of education is imparted by the university. Since its establishment, around 60 years the university has contributed a lot in preparing good professionals.

World rank #4471, Tuition Fee 3,00,000 per year


Kursk State Medical University, Russia

Established in the year-1935 is one of the best universities in Russia. It is positioned in Kursk city, 465 kilometers from Moscow. It’s the most reputed college in Russia. Kursk State University is the first university to offer education in the English language. Therefore it has been a preferred location for abroad students.

World rank #4344, Tuition Fee 3,80,000 per year

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