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How much time is too much? That is the dilemma confronting post-graduation work permit (PGWP) owners whose legal standing is now jeopardized. The open working visa in Canada, which was announced in April of this year and is supposed to prolong their access to employment in the country, has yet to be implemented, leaving many former foreign students in precarity.


According to CIC News, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated that the delay was due to an obsolete technology system used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The system is in the process of receiving new replacements.


The solution we were pursuing was really difficult to achieve in a timely manner because the infrastructure did not allow for the proposed approach that we were wanting to progress, Fraser told reporters after a discussion with provincial migration ministers. According to the news outlet, he stated that an effective policy has been discovered, hinting at an announcement next week.


Fraser did not elaborate on whether Canadians with PGWPs pending new open work permits would be awarded maintained status while awaiting their new papers. Fraser continued by saying that his current objective is to enable individuals to work as soon as possible after submitting their applications.


The open work permit in Canada, which was first suggested in April 2022, was meant to serve as a stopgap measure for those whose PGWPs was about to expire but who had been rejected for Express Entry requests that would have granted them permanent status. If accepted, the new work visa would grant them an extra 18 months of employment.


The commencement date was later changed to cover individuals whose permits had expired as far back as Sept 20, 2021. Initially, it was relevant to people whose permits had expired between January 31 and December 31, 2022.


Ex-international students who have an open work visa in Canada are irritated by the lack of updates.


With the possibility of deportation looming for individuals whose PGWPs had expired, Twitter was a hive of responses from hopeful candidates.


Going home for many other PGWP holders may put their security and freedom in serious danger.


Mikita Arlou, a native of Belarus, was reported by CityNews Toronto as stating, As soon as he goes back home, I’m not going to make it beyond the airport, they’re going to put me in jail. Due to his opposition to the war in the present Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Arlou may be imprisoned in his nation, which is a close supporter of Russia.


Arlou, like many others whose citizenship status is uncertain, depends on his shrinking funds to make ends meet, and his unemployment prevents him from using the nation’s healthcare system. Despite having kept his status, Arlou is unsure if he qualifies for the extension because of the vagueness of the information on the new open working visa in Canada, according to the news site.


There is currently no IRCC site available for applicants to use to submit requests for work permit extensions. Updates are few and delayed, and there is no specific timetable or list of conditions for processing an application.

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