IELTS is one of the prominent Examination which student take when applying for study abroad in English speaking countries. Not just that but even getting a job and in some countries applying for Citizenship or PR you need to show your communication skill and IELTS is the best when it comes to being accepted in more countries. It is a language exam which is accepted by probably all the educational institutes across the globe.

IELTS: Who should take it?

The available types of IELTS examination are:

1.IELTS Academics

  1. IELTS General Training

As the name suggests IELTS Academics is for students planning for higher education or are aiming to  apply for a job. 

And IELTS General Training is for those who wish to live in a particular country and just need a proof of their ability to have a day to day communication with ease.

IELTS: How many years until the results are no longer valid?

It is valid for Two years. After 2 years the we need to retake the test paying the full amount even for the second time.

IELTS: What is the test format?

Just like for most exams it is available in paper based as well as computer based. The exam does the work of judging your writing skills, verbal skills and speaking skills. The exam lasts approximately for 2h 45. You need to be able to the given topic as you will need to write an essay describe a picture as well as listen and answer certain questions.

IELTS: How is the test performed?

The test is divided into 3 sections

1.Listening section

2.Reading section

3.Writing Section with an essay

The test can be divided into four pieces. Each portion lasts 30 minutes and is only narrated once by the system. Candidates must answer 40 questions in a row, including mcqs, abstract, and empty statement or questions. Textual understanding and reading is 60 minutes long and comprises of multiple texts, the type of which varies depending on the assessment type (academic or general training). Applicants will once again be asked to answer 40 questions in a variety of forms.

Applicants will have 60 minutes to prepare two texts for the written expression test (writing). 


IELTS: Score reading

The score will be within a certain band from 1 to 9. The candidate taking the IELTS examination can be now judged based on the score where 1 being too poor, barely communicates and 9 being extremely proficient.

Most universities will have a criteria of a score higher than 6 but usually that is never enough. 7-7.5 is considered a decent score. 8-9 will give you an edge over the competition.

How to register?

You can just type in IELTS British council into your search bar. Go to the specific link for your country. Read all the instruction on the site carefully. You need to have a date in mind before registering for the exam. Based on your preparation time you can choose any specific date and if you find that you are nort prepared they also have a provision for a reschedule. 

IELTS Exam Results

You can check you mail for the test card or you can login into the registration website where it will display your results. Usually it takes upto 13 working days.


The cost of the exam for academics or general training is around 14000 INR.

Preparation for IELTS exam

Preparing for the exam is pretty straight forward. There are certain official guide and books for the test taker themselves which will make you prepared for all kinds of question and content.

– Recommended is the Official Cambridge Guide to Education and General Training IELTS

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