ACE the IELTS only in 10 days

IELTS is very important exam whose value is considered nationally as well as internationally. This is the main and the initial step to study abroad and that is why students get panic whether they will be able to make it or not, as competition is very high, but worrying is not the solution of any problem, here is the complete guide of preparation for IELTS only in 10 days, yes only in 10 days. Only dedication is required.

Following are some important pointers, if followed than definitely student can clear their respective IELTS:

  • Goal must be clear

Goal setting is very much important for any exam, so same goes with the IELTS also, as students are well aware about their strengths and weaknesses so prepare according to that, strategy for each candidate may vary according to their respective interests and weaknesses.

Continuity would take the individual towards the success, and for continuity and professional advice , online tests/course is advisable for the no risk situation.

  • Importance of vocabulary

Vocabulary is very vast, we cannot accept the cramming of all the words, but this does not mean person do not even pay attention to this topics. The best possible method for the vocabulary is to read newspapers, novels etc on daily basis, kindly note on the daily basis or make the note of each new word through which person comes across.

Always try to learn and focus on new and unfamiliar words and try to inculcate these words while speaking so that mind can also retain the new vocabulary, yes this will take little practice but trust us within no time notes of vocabulary will get prepared.

  • How to study

IELTS  is not a tough exam and difficulty of this exam varies person to person, let’s say  person A knows basics of English, has English medium background so for that person IELTS is not any challenging task but on the other hand other person does not know even the basics of IELTS so he have to devote more time and have to work harder than the person A , IELTS need only practice with continuity , try to study more and more before exam and atleast give 10-15 mocks so that person can know the reality. Always refer professional teacher as he would guide properly.  Read and listen English news, movies etc so that environment is created.

  • Go through the tests/mocs

After preparation is done give mocs and practice questions for the reality of results, answer key would be found there with the questions . This will help you in the analyzing of the result and work. There is website of the IELTS through which one can go through and start practicing otherwise one can go for Cambridge ielts practice for the preparation of the IELTS.

  • Listening

One important section is of listening as ielts consists of 4 sections. Try to learn the exact method for the good score in IELTS. As one recording would be made available to the candidate which will be only played for once, so candidates are advised to go through the recording properly and note down the each answer after reading of the questions  , this will give you real life example as lots of background noises will be there eventually which will help only in the improvement and development of one. One tip which will help you in IELTS is that all the answers will be linewise according to the sequence of the questions, listen the audio carefully as speed starts increasing as audio reaches towards its end.

  • Speaking

Candidate must be aware of all the basics of the grammar and most importantly the punctuation part as punctuations are used almost in each part and topic. Person must be fluent enough in English with knowledge of all the vocabulary and other topics of grammar.

  • Reading

Person always learns from the mistakes, so take help from Internet or any other source for the difficult words, practice this on daily basis by reading the topics and understanding of difficult words, phrases and meaning of each word. Reading newspapers and other books are advisable for strong grab on the reading topic, always read all the instructions carefully and act according to that. Also make the small notes of the each important topic

  • Fluency and pronounciation will be checked

For the speaking section fluency and pronounciation of the words will be checked, this section is really important section for the student, which actually needs dedication and hardwork.  Speaking section is further divided into three sections, or for 11-15 minutes in total. Take steps according to the instructor or guide and practice this on the daily basis for the success in IELTS.

Practice confidently and do clear all the queries and always record each session and then listen to it for the growth, as recording will help you out your respective mistakes than work on the same. For the proper learning environment try to engage yourselves into English games, channels, movies and news.


Work on all the tips and suggestions which are mentioned in the article, practice on daily basis , and always analyze your strengths and weaknesses to work upon, never panic before the exam, as that may affect your result of the exam, always stay positive and do think you have cleared the IELTS with great band , as if the things are clear into our mind than no one can stop us in achieving the same.


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