When we talk about studying abroad, Australia is one of the most famous destinations for the international students. Every year there are thousands of students who apply from all across the globe for admission in various universities of Australia. Australia stands at 3rd position in the number of international students in the world. However, United Kingdom and United States stands at 1st and 2nd position respectively in the world.

Firstly, for getting admission in any university of Australia the applicant needs to get a VISA. The next step is to apply for admission in any university. It is been observed from past few years that the students after completing their undergraduate studies take a year gap. This year gap can be due to several reasons. Some of the reasons are work experience, any family problem, preparation for competitive exam etc. There can be voluntary or involuntary reasons due to which a student may not be able to continue with post-graduation course.


BUT FIRST, HOW TO GET A Study VISA for Australia?

There is an overseas program by the Australian government which help the international students to take admission to any program in the universities of Australia. This program comprises of many merits but for that you need to get a VISA. The Study VISA can be obtained by using the letter of acceptance or any online confirmation of admission from the university where they have applied for admission.

It is to be noted that a gap year or years may affect the chances of getting a VISA in many ways.



Australian universities allow the students with a gap year but you need to have a reliable and genuine explanation for the gap year taken. But it should be kept in mind that if the gap year is of more than one year then your chances of getting admission in the university may get affected. The universities mainly give preference to the students who have taken gap to gain some work experience. If you give reasons like personal issues, health problems and any other reasons then you need to give a valid proof or documents to show the authenticity.

So, we can say that if you have a valid proof or document for your year gap then you don’t need be worried regarding your admission. But, the decision of giving you a seat in any program lies with the university. They have choice of either accepting or rejecting your application.

Always keep in mind that the rules in Australian universities regarding the submission of false documents or giving wrong information are very strict. Providing any type of false documents for taking admission in the universities may lead to lifetime ban to travel to Australia. It may also reduce your chances of getting admission to any university around the world.

We would suggest that if any student who is going to take a year gap and planning to study in Australia after that must do something productive side by side. This can be given as a proof for your year gap when you apply for admission to any university in Australia. Any type of work experience, volunteering etc. will increase your chance of admission in the universities of Australia.