Countries students are choosing for studying abroad after Covid-19

The national lockdown due to COVID 19 has ruined the dreams of many students who were planning to study abroad. The pandemic bought huge crises in education system students how had planned for years to study abroad are know in terrific condition.

But everything is still not lost. An institution that had sound fundamental and sustainable tech moats will lead and will survive in the new world. Many countries have done excellent work during the pandemic and made them corona free. Here we bring to you countries student could go for further studies after corona crises are over.

1.New Zealand 

New Zealand is the first country to declare itself corona free. Its sound health care facilities and the strong educational base is attracting students from India.

New Zealand has always stood out for its educational system and the way it dealt with a pandemic is making it the next educational destination for a lot of Indian students.

The country is on the way to introducing new teaching techniques for future generations. Its amazing culture and diversity are making it a potential next educational hub.


Germany has always been high in international student numbers. it has been as best European study abroad destination for Indian students for a while now.

Their international student numbers have always been in the high ten-thousands despite their rather comparatively higher standards for selection.

During the pandemic, Germany comes up with a new concept of merging engineering with business and as a result, a new generation of tech leaders and innovators will be grown here.

For the bonus, German public universities don’t charge international students or otherwise any tuition fee. They have shown what they can due to the student community.

3.United Kingdom

From the last few decades, the UK has been among the top 5 study abroad destinations for Indian students.

The PSW VISA which earlier was standard for 4-6 months is now extended for 2 years. This move of the UK has pinned a thought in a very Indian student who was planning for a study abroad.

To add on the NHS is providing free COVID 19 tests to all its international students. UK universities have adapted the new online mode of learning. these steps along with its rich cultural heritage and academic integrity are attracting more students from India.

It’s great to see new and standard development in the educational industry. Post-COVID 19 New Zealand, UK, and Germany will attract a huge no of Indian student base due to its new education system adaption and rapid and effective measures to deal with the crises.

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