Canada Study Visa Interview Question and Answers

  • How are you?

Express briefly like thank you for asking, thank You.

  • Have you visited Canada earlier also?
    Answer accordingly by saying yes or no.
  • What is the reason behind choosing Canada?
    Mention about Canada’s education system, just be honest, and clear with your thoughts.
  • Why have you chose that particular course/ university.

Mention the benefits studying in that particular university, mention about your interests and experience that you will gain from here will help in your career.

  • Who will be sponsoring your studies in Canada?
    Parents, guardian mention about the student loan if taken, just keep 1 thing in mind you have to be honest as in this is mentioned in visa application form.
  • In India, from where did you study?

Mention your college, school, university.

  • Parent’s background such as what they do?
    Be ready as income status could be asked.
  • Are you travelling alone?

Answer accordingly.

  • Do anyone in your relation lives in Canada?
    Answer accordingly; you can add with whom you are going to live.
  • Will you do part time job in Canada or not?
    Answer according to your visa as if your visa allows you to work then you can say yes, as by working you will learn things etc and if not then say you will come back to India after the completion of degree.

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