Beginner’s Guide to clear Canada Study Visa Interview

Canada Study Visa approval is another task as yet being strong profile Canada Study Visa gets rejected. Yeah it depends upon luck factor also but candidate should not leave everything on luck and would give their best either in the interview or selecting the best counselor.

90% of the things depend upon the counselor as how they show the student’s profile in front of embassy or the officials and rest 10% of the things depend upon the Canada Study Visa Interview of the respective candidates, as student himself has to go through the Canada Study Visa Interview.


Here are the tips which candidate must follow in order to get the Canada Study Visa.

  • To begin with do work on the English speaking skills. As in Canada everyone speaks English so interviewee’s motive is to check out the language of the candidate. Just imagine profile is strong but candidate does not know about the language so there are high chances that visa would not get approved. Other main reason is that all the study material is also in English language.


  • Work on the documents, Try to take all the documents in the good folder along with the digital copy in your smart phones. Do ask your counselor what all documents you must carry with you.


  • Practice all the questions before hand in order to give your best and keep one thing in mind confidence also plays major role. So be confident.


  • You must know everything related to your course, why have you choose this particular course in Canada, What all are the subjects in your course, what is the fees of your course etc.


  • Besides course candidate must have an idea of Canada as well like about its religion, weather, types of courses in the Canada, part time jobs etc.


  • Do not lie as interviewee is an expert; be genuine, honest and confident.

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