At we still come across some student who are very much interested in getting their degree in American university. Yes, we know that there are few complications due to some post-study visa policy. But that hasn’t stopped the determined. But let me tell you something ‘Study in America’ dream is not something that comes easy for those aspiring to go to US for their higher studies. It requires coordinated hard work, executed with thorough planning.

Some of the many questions can include – what degree and programme of study should I pursue? What does the application process entail? What tests should I take? Where should I find the universities? Is the university and programme I have identified accredited? How to write an effective essay? What is a resume and how to prepare one? How should I finance my studies? Are there any scholarships available? What are the steps to apply for student visa? What is it like to live and study in the United States? The list is never ending.

Whatever and however many questions one may have, we all know that every question has an answer. And while we may attempt to get our questions answered through our favourite search engine, we must realise that it is not only important that we find an answer to the question but more importantly the right answer to the question – an answer that is correct and provides complete and upto date information. To find answers to these question you need to talk to our experts at and make sure to visit your nearest GKworks branch office today!

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