MBBS in Ukraine Scholarships Study in Ukraine 2020-2021

With over 800 institutes offering higher education concentrated mostly in and around big cities such as Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, and Odesa and having a varied economy, Ukraine has been one of the hubs of international students who throng the country for higher medical degrees, like MBBS in Ukraine. Apart from the relatively cheap tuition fees, it can also be attributed to other attractive features like scholarship policies, living conditions and quality of education.

However, this comparatively cheap tuition fees is the reason why international students don’t get special payments from government. There is no regular condition in educational program that supports scholarships for international students on a governmental level.

Ministry of Science and Education in Ukraine or any other University of Ukraine have no history of supporting students financially and the students have been bearing the living expenses depending on the financial background of their parents or sponsors.

Students from other countries, like Nigeria, however are funded monetarily by their state governments or some other organizations.
Even though getting an admission in private universities can be stated as an alternative, as these might offer scholarships to students satisfying the conditions set by them, these can be availed only if they have recommendations or contracts with the management of the university.

Most of the students are unaware of the very little benefits and might not avail it. One of the very few scholarships that can be made to use by the students is the GeneTex scholarship.

GeneTex Scholarships: Apart from the availing best scholarships internally to participate in this scholarships in genetic research programs, it also allows students of medicine to get fully funded scholarships. For this, the student must be a STEM graduate. In such a case, the aspiring student can avail a stipend of amount $2000.

GKWORKS Scholarships: Global Knowledge Works, one of the most trusted MBBS consulting companies in India offer special scholarships upto $500 for meritorious students on first cum first serve basis. To know more about these scholarships, contact your nearest GKWORKS branch.