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There is so much chaos out there and not everything that you read and listen can be trusted, so we have done the job for you guys. We have researched numerous official post, did research, collected information from our resources and created an all-in-one post which will give you every single detail related to immigration to Canada. We have divided the information in different section so that it will be easy for you refer the section you want.


Now to begin with, let’s understand the 1. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA first;


You people know that Canada is one of the top choices in the list of countries when bearing in mind immigration options. With high quality of life standards, good salaries and plenty of employment to opportunities, it is no wonder that so many people from overseas have expressed an interest in coming to live and work in the country. If you are interested in relocating to Canada, you will need to know how to get Canadian permanent visa. First, we will take a look at the eligibility criteria, the application process and the point’s requirement to enable you to determine whether or not you will be successful.


Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for a Canadian PR visa, you will need to obtain no less than 67 points under the current assessment system. These points are calculated over a number of factors including age, language skills and qualifications. Here are some of the categories that are assessed and you must have no criminal record and must be in good health, consenting to a medical examination if required.

Depending on your age at the time of application you can be awarded a maximum of 12 points. This maximum total will be awarded if you are aged between 18 and 35 with the fewest points awarded to those under 18 or aged over 35.


The maximum number of points that can be awarded for educational qualifications are 25. You will be awarded a different number of points depending on how qualified you are – for example you will be given maximum points if you have a PhD you will gain maximum points or Master’s degree you will gain 23 points and for Bachelor degree you will gain 21 points.


Work experience
In order to be eligible to apply for a Canadian permanent residence , you will have to either have an existing job offer from an eligible Canadian employer or you will have to already have skills and experience in one of the employment sectors rated O, A or B featured on the NOC (National Occupational Classification) list. You must have a minimum of one year’s full time work experience in one of these occupations in order to be eligible; however you will be awarded more points for a longer period in a skilled employment category. For four years or more within the industry you can gain a maximum of 15 points.


You can be awarded up to 24 points if you are fluent in English. Those points based on International English Language Tasting System (IELTS) score. Minimum 6 band required in IELTS to get Canadian Residence Permit. If you are able to get above 7 band you can award maximum points. The International English Language Tasting System consists of 4 modules Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


You can gain up to 10 points depending on whether you are coming to the country with a spouse who has good educational qualifications or who has already had study or work experience in Canada. 

  1. Process

Stage 1:

In initial stage you need to submit your education credential to WES (World education system) it’s calculate CGA points and sent report within 4-5 weeks for this process WES charge approximately 320 CAD$. Once receive report you are eligible to Express Entry.


Stage 2:

In second stage you need to fill and submit required credentials to Job Bank. Once you receive the invitation to apply for PR you need to submit all your credentials to CIC (Canada Immigration Citizenship) within 8 weeks, along with that you need to pay 550 CAD$ for each primary applicant and spouse for each kids 150 CAD$.

Stage 3:

In stage 3 once you submit the all documents to case office will assign your case and he verify all the documents once everything is clear then he will ask you to get Medical reports and PPC (Police Clearance Certificate). Once you get the documents you need to pay landing tax approximately 490 CAD$ for primary applicant and suppose for kids no landing fee


Once you done with all this, you need to send passport to CHC or you can directly go to office and get visa stamp. One visa stamp done within 6-12 months you are eligible to make your first entry to Canada.


3.Funds required


We have already covered much about the cost of each process in its respective section but there is a particular amount to make your entry into the CANADA.

Once you have determined that you have more than 67 points, you must meet the financial requirement to emigrate. This means that you will need a minimum of around CAD$14,000 as a single person from the date of receiving ITA (Invitation to Apply), and the amount increases on a sliding scale depending on how many dependents you intend to bring with you.



  1. PNP Programmes


The province has its own rules for choosing immigrants. Quebec – Selected Skilled Workers is the most popular province. The province of Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have recently opened their doors welcoming skilled workers to immigrate to Canada and live as permanent residency.

These PNPs are primarily designed to invite the skilled worker to meet the skill shortage in the respective provinces of Canada. The applicants apply in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of the province they want to live and work. The candidates, who get selected in a PNP, receive the nomination for Canada PR from that respective province. On receipt of the provincial nomination, an applicant either get the 600 additional CRS Point in express entry (if he/she has applied for express entry stream of PNP) or become eligible to directly apply Canada PR to the IRCC. Visit the official website https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/provincial-nominees.html for more details.



  1. Life in Canada

Moving to Canada implies living in a standout amongst the most secure and safe countries on the planet. The advantages of being the resident of this astounding nation aren’t restricted to getting a glimpse of grand magnificence or nature’s stunning showcase but also the diverse populace which growing day by day. Here are some reasons why you should migrate to Canada:

  1. Monetary Stability and Strength

Canada being one of the most grounded economies on the planet offers a wide determination of profession choices for the yearning expats. The nation’s economy remains on the best among the most stable economies recorded by the World Economic Forum. It outranked for seven back to back years. Praiseworthy, definitely! A solid economy like this that fills in as the bedrock of nation’s managing an account framework is certain to offer expanded money related security and great personal satisfaction to its nationals. Of all the G20 countries, Canada brags the most noteworthy way of life. Migration to Canada will be high beneficial, to be sure.

  1. High-esteem to Education

Canada esteems training as well as guarantees best-in-class tutoring to all its young citizens independent of their experience. No other nation spends as much as the Canadian government. This is one of the fundamental purposes behind the out performance of Canadian youngsters no matter how you look at it. The nation offers extraordinary vocation open doors for the potential individuals. Additionally, there are different advantages and projects offered by the administration incorporate financing open doors for graduate students grants and allows at doctoral and postdoctoral levels and in addition for crippled people, bolster for disciples, and so on.



  1. Family Benefits

Canada is among those couple of nations that offer innumerable advantages to the families so as to enable them to bring up their youngsters better. From bringing up an impaired kid to different Employment Insurance benefits like parental and maternity leave, survivor’s annuity, missing kids concede, Victim financing and administrations, Federal pay bolster for the guardians of the killed kid these and considerably more. Canadian government offers most ideal help to its natives.

  1. Low Crime Rate

Violence is uncommon in Canada and the rate of weapon proprietors is just about three times lower than the United States. The nation’s southern neighbours are desirous about this, eh! All things considered, if a nation performs well in influencing its subjects to feel secure and more secure at that point Gun possession is certain to be lower. This has brought about an upsurge of Canada’s worldwide notoriety. The nation was presented the OECD Better Life Index award in 2014 for securing 9.7 out of 10 in security and well-being. Furthermore, the stringent and extensive procedure of acquiring a gun permit has brought about low Gun proprietorship rate.

  1. Most attractive Healthcare System

However, another extraordinary favourable position of being a Canadian. Medicinal treatment in Canada is free as it is subsidized by government charges for the purpose of utilization. Every area of the nation has a wellbeing spending plan for nearby wellbeing organization and issuing wellbeing cards to the qualified inhabitants. Nonetheless, on occasion, there can be extended for a few strategies, however, this isn’t generally a major cost for getting to a portion of the best treatment techniques and offices on the planet. The different medicinal services benefit offered by Canadian government incorporate remittance for individuals matured 60 to 64, recompense for the survivor, and so forth.

  1. Excellent and Big

Canada covers right around 10 million square kilometres of the worldwide space, which makes it the world’s second-biggest nation. In addition, it involves a portion of the best picturesque delights of the world. Your occasions and ends of the week will be stuffed with energizing undertakings and breath-taking wilds like skiing, kayaking, climbing, and whale viewing.

Canada will likewise offer you the chance of achieving the exceptional experience of swimming with polar bears and dozing in an ice lodging. In addition, Canada’s aggregate populace goes around 35 million individuals, which implies there is a lot of space for every one of the inhabitants out there. You could without much of a stretch discover a sensibly valued lodging anyplace the nation over.

Likewise, you may increase different lodging benefits like Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, GST/HST new lodging refund, Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence Program.

  1. Different Factors why you should Immigrate to Canada

Canada’s regular riches fill in as a solid establishment for its steady economy. The nation procures great GDP from the gas and oil industry, copper, gold, uranium and iron mineral. Besides, Canada will offer you an advanced blend of different foods. Influxes of movement from South America, Europe, and Asia have improved and upgraded the nation’s culinary scene in the nation. Generally, migration to Canada will abandon you with a more beneficial, more joyful, and prosperous life.

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  1. How do I find a job in Canada?

Getting a job in Canada is heavily reference based. What that means is that you need to have a strong network of people willing to refer you to the hiring team. For new-comers to Canada it seems a bit difficult since they don’t know many people professionally. But due to websites and portals for job like Linkedin.com its always easy to at least start finding the opportunities or create connections.

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  1. What consultants don’t tell

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