Here’s why Canada is a favourite destination for Indian students for higher studies

Pursuing higher education from abroad is not only the rising trend but also a dream for most of the students today. This could be because of the various associated benefits this offers. Having decided on doing studies abroad, the next step is to decide the destination.

Among other options like UK, the US, and Australia, Canada has risen to the status of most preferred destination. It has always been in top preference by the Indian students according to statistics by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which shows a hike in number of Indian students by 40% in 2018.
The country’s welcoming economic immigration gateway, the Express Entry system, which grants additional points for Canadian education along with permanent residence for eligible International graduates makes it preferable for Indian students to study.

Cost-efficient education and living:
The quality of lifestyle that the country offers is second to none. The job opportunities and inclusion of immigrants and international students seeking a superior lifestyle, education, and work prospects in Canada in their policies are also one of the key factors. The education facilities are very affordable here. This is why the country is a proud owner of a diversity of population.

High standardize education and internationally recognized degrees:
Canada has many of the world’s renowned universities and holds high record for research-intensive universities. This top destination for science research also confers degrees that are highly regarded worldwide as well as by international employers.

Post-study work permit:
Picking up a job in the same country as one’s higher education has been the following trend. Such opportunities are available in abundance in Canada as it supports post-study work visa policies and extends plenty of job opportunities to international students. Unlike many other countries, Canada offers post-study work permit with a tenure of three years and policies such as the SDS (Study Direct Stream) Program and Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

A safe, secure, and satisfactory living environment:
Canada is among one of the safest places, with lowest crime rates and a very open society with non conservative people who are open to welcome racial diversities. It is a socially, legally and financially secure country with a very pleasant lining environment. Guaranteed peace of mind is a cherry on the cake of reasons to opt Canada among it’s counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why Canada Is The Favorite Destination higher studies?
Answer : There are 5 main factors. Low tuition fees, low cost of living, availability of post study work visa even after 1 year course, Confirmed path for PR and safe/secure environment to study and live
Question:  Is Canada good for higher studies?
Answer : Canada is one of the best countries for education. Some of world’;s best universities are in Canada like University of Toranto, University of British columbia and many more.

Top 10 Canada Universities-2018

Question:  Is Canada good for international students?
Answer : Canada is perfect destination for International students . Tts Low tuition fees, low cost of living, availability of post study work visa even after 1 year course, Confirmed path for PR and safe/secure environment to study and live are main attractions for International students
Question:  How much money is required for Canada study visa?
Answer : One year canada course can start with as low as 6 lakhs Tuition fee in Indian Rs.
Question:  How can I get scholarship in Canada?
Answer : If your profile is good, you can get scholarship. Contact us to help you get scholarships
Question:  Is it easy to get a scholarship in Canada?
Answer : For deserving candidates, it is easy to get scholarships
Question:  What is Canada’s best university?
Answer : University of Toranto is consistently ranked best Canada university .
Question:  Which management course is best in Canada?
Answer : management courses from York university, University of Regina , Thomson Rivers University along with University of Toranto are some of best management courses in canada
Question:  Which masters degree is most in demand in Canada?
Answer : Masters of management , masters of public health and masters of hospitality management are in demand a lot in Canada.
Question:  What is the hardest program to get into in Canada?
Answer : Masters of computer Science is one of the hardest program to get into in Canada.
Question:  Which degree is most valuable in Canada?
Answer : Creative designing, Management are some of the most valuable degrees in Canada.
Question:  Does Canada student visa get rejected?
Answer : Yes. if your case is not strong, Canada student visa get rejected a lot.