The latest announcement from the side of the National Medical Commission (NMC) is that the fee for half of the seats, i.e., 50 per cent seats for MBBS and MD courses in private and deemed universities should be same as that of the government medical colleges of all states and the Union Territories. 


The notification also stated that the reason for this move is the basic principle of education being that it is a “not for profit” move that is taking place. It believes in taking into account that the sanctioned number of seats should be decided keeping in mind the deciding cost per student for both UG and PG courses. 


It also released a comprehensive set of principles regarding the regulations for fee payments. The same was for the official authorities to follow. The NMC also mentioned in its guidelines that all hospital expenses should not to be included in the entire fee for medical education. It should not compute the cost for providing the same. However, some exception is that some portion of the hospital expenses, which is highly important only can be added for imparting education. 


It also brought to knowledge that in the case of a hospital which is not attaining profits and is facing continuous loss during the initial days of a newly established college, any support that it requires, will be fetched. A new time limit of five to seven years was also announced for providing a period to recover all losses. It will be through channels like increasing fee or any other related activities. 


Keeping in mind the unexpected highs and lows of the pandemic, operating costs at all medical colleges should be imposed strictly. The NMC has also asked the fee regulatory authorities of each state to consider the average audited financial result keeping in mind that of the previous three years to analyse fee structure accurately. 

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