NEET UG 2021 seat matrix info

Srinagar: The J&K BOPEE has done adjustments to the NEET-2021 seating pattern, causing concern among applicants.

Despite the claims of NEET applicants who were resistant to the modifications in the framework, the amendments were enacted.

Applicants in the OM group are dissatisfied with BOPEE’s revisions to the seating matrix, since the BOPEE administrators have lowered the amount of spots in the OM group that were formerly designated for applicants from EWS.

“We don’t mind if BOPEE keeps certain spots allocated for EWS, however these spots should not be dropped from OM group. “The authorities should have used a different procedure and given EWS spots from other restricted classifications,” remarked applicant Imran Ahmad.

The BOPEE officials on Mon approved a new NEET-UG 2021 seating architecture and directed that the prior preliminary seating matrix released on 1 Feb, 2022 be withdrawn.

In a notification, Assistant Sec BOPEE stated, “It is thus announced that the preliminary seating grid of NEETUG 2021 posted by the panel on its webpage on 1 Feb, 2022 would be regarded to be revoked ab presumptively.” “Applicants who wish to make changes to their previously provided digital choices could do so upon presenting an amended seating matrix.”

The disgruntled NEET applicants claimed that the seating adjustments had hurt them badly because only 1/3 of the spots were still accessible for OM applicants.

“The OM classification receives just 35%, while the reserving group receives 65%.” “It’s hilarious that allocation has surpassed 50%,” one applicant stated.

GMC held 150 spots 5 years earlier, he added, and a guy applicant was meant to be amongst the 40.

“We possess 180 spots to fill right now, but a male contender must be in the leading 30-32 registrants.” He stated, “This is in keeping with the authorised seating layout, which is a blatant injustice to OM candidates.”


According to the prior seating pattern, 39 spots per male and female applicants were maintained accessible in the OM division of GMC Srinagar, according to another contender.

“However, within GMC Srinagar, there’s just 63 places for the OM group, 31 for men & 32 for ladies,” he remarked.

The dissatisfied candidates claimed that the EWS vacancies could be addressed by moving spots from other divisions while leaving the OM division alone.

“At GMC , we barely got 63 spaces underneath the OM classification since 15 spots were given to EWS kids, which is a disservice to fair merit pupils,” the applicant appended.

The OM classification was only affected at GMC Srinagar, SKIMS University JVC Bemina, & GMC Jammu, according to the pupils, whereas the OM group had remained untouched in plenty of other GMCs such as Baramulla or even Anantnag.

“BOPEE must revert to the old seating grid and assign spots to GMC Srinagar according to the old seating matrix.” Ultimately, we’ll have no choice but to take to the lanes today this judgement,” stated fellow candidate, Mehmood Ahmad.

Nevertheless, a spokesperson confirmed that J&K’s categorization system differed from those of the other provinces. “The RBA sector, for example, doesn’t really reside in plenty of other provinces and has its quota in J&K.” Additional condition in J&K is that men and women applicants must share half and half spots, according to the authority.

Excluding the current classifications, he claimed, BOPEE has implemented the quotas that were introduced inside the remainder of The nation in the latest revision in the seating grid.

“BOPEE authorities would have erased the categorization that was previously in existence in J&K if they applied the restricted sector system like they do in the remainder of India,” he made clear.

Consultant to Lieut. Governor Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar claimed Great Kashmir stated there needs to be a common mechanism for allocating spots to the restricted groups.

“A standardized technique should be used to make the pattern.” Let me investigate how reserved seats are handled. It is now conducted on a nationwide basis. As a result, I’ll raise the issue with the relevant authority,” Mentor Bhatnagar clarified.

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