NEET-PG cut-off reduced by 15 percentile?

According to a top official, the cut-off for NEET-Post Graduate 2021 has really been lowered by fifteen percent in all categories.

The decision was made in order to avoid “seat waste.”

“Around 8,000 slots remained vacant after the conclusion of two stages of AIQ and two phases of regional quota.” The Department Of Health  in collaboration with the NMC has reduced the percentile by 15 % allowing nearly 25,000 applicants to take part in the hoover phase and avoiding seat waste “Dr. B Srinivas, ADG (ME) and MCC member secretary, said (MCC).


The MCC had urged the NBE to release the amended outcome previously the day after a decision was made to lower the NEET-Post graduate 2021 cut-off.

According to a statement from Dr. Srinivas to National Board of Examinations executive director Minu Bajpai, the Department of Health and Community Affairs, in conjunction with MCC, has agreed “to drop the cut-off by 15%  in  all groups” after much deliberation.

It was also recommended that the qualifying % for the general category be lowered to 35 %, 30 % for PH(Genl), and 25 % for the recognised category (SC/ST/OBC).

“Kindly declare the revised result and communicate the adjusted analysis findings of the newly qualified candidates as soon as feasible,” the message said.

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