MBBS WITHOUT NEET – All you need to know

The Medical Council of India (MCI), in March 2018 made it clear that qualifying NEET was mandatory for getting admission in MBBS or any equivalent medical course in a medical university/college/institute outside of the country on or after 1st June 2018 for Indian nationals or overseas citizens of India.

The MCI has also seen to it that the medical universities in countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, etc. do not accept Indian students without NEET by sending out notifications to the respective Indian Embassies.

The notice by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on 8 September 2018 emphasizes NEET as an eligibility criteria for admission for MBBS course. It also reads that agents/companies/universities who admit the students for the course for September 2018 session will be blacklisted and will be held answerable for the admission. This might even lead to the cancellation of their MCI recognition.

In September 2018, the MCI gave a dispensation for the who hadn’t qualified the NEET, following the students and parents approaching the Delhi High Court regarding this. The MCI also made it’s stand clear by mentioning that from 2019-20 session, qualifying NEET is mandatory for MBBS admission abroad.

The students who take admission for MBBS abroad without qualifying NEET, will find have to face the consequences sooner rather than later. They would be barred from taking the screening test in India, after the course completion. This would mean that they can’t practice in India as their MBBS degree would be invalid.

Exploring the options for taking up MBBS without NEET, one cannot acquire direct admission to any of the MCI recognized institutions. However, MBBS from Philippines comes as a viable option, where you can pursue pre-medical course or BS course without NEET.
Another option is to seek admission in colleges that are not  recognized by the MCI.
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