MBBS seats in India 2020

MBBS seats in India 2020

MBBS is one of the most coveted courses in India where demand is much more than supply of seats. Pls see below the detailed analysis.  As you all know that 85%  of seats in Government colleges are reserved for state domicile students.  Refer state domicile rules for different states of India. below details shall also help you to plan your domicile/ availability of government seats in India.

In 2020, a total of 15,93,452 students will fight for approximately 77595 MBBS seats in 541 medical colleges.
Total Seats in Govt. medical colleges  across India are = 42055(All States)
[This is inclusive of 4465 seats increased under #EWS category]
Private College Seats = 28440 and Deemed Universities seats are  = 7100

Total NEET aspirants in last 3 years
In year 2019 – 15.19 Lakh
In year 2018 – 13.26 Lakh
In year 2017 – 11.38 lakh

States from where the maximum number of candidates applied for #NEET 2020 are as follows:
Candidates= 138149
2600 MBBS seats in 14 rajasthan govt.  medical colleges
1300 seats in 8 pvt. medical colleges

Candidates = 228829
4080 MBBS seats in 24 govt. college
2120 seats in 10 pvt. medical colleges
1850 seats in 10 deemed universities

2878 MBBS seats in 24 govt. college
3300 seats in 30 pvt. colleges
100 seats in 1 deemed university

Candidate= 119626
2900 MBBS seats in 19 govt. colleges
4195 seats in 29 pvt. medical colleges
2000 seats in 11 deemed universities

Candidates= 117502
3600 MBBS seats in 26 govt. colleges
1950 seats in 14 pvt. medical colleges
1600 seats in 9 deemed univ.

Candidates= 116010
1455 MBBS seats in 10 govt. colleges ,
2450 seats in 23 pvt. medical colleges
100 seats in 1 deemed univ.

79865 Candidates
3650 MBBS seats in 11 govt. colleges ,
1700 seats in 11 pvt. medical colleges
150 seats in 1 deemed univ.

Candidates= 74452
3000 MBBS seats in 18 govt. colleges
700 seats in 6 pvt

Candidates= 65914
1140 MBBS seats in 9 govt. colleges
600 seats in 5 pvt

2410 MBBS seats in 13 govt. college
2650 seats in 17 pvt.
150 seats in 1 deemed

Candidates= 59006
1015 MBBS seats in 6 govt. colleges
100 seats in 1 pvt. medical college
100 seats in 1 deemed university

Candidate= 58138
1870 MBBS seats in 13 govt.
1150 seats in 9 pvt.

1740 MBBS seats in 10 govt. colleges
3100 seats in 22 pvt.

1150 MBBS seats in 7 govt. colleges ,
200 seats in 2 pvt.colleges
300 seats in 2 deemed univ.

900 MBBS seats in 6 govt college

425 MBBS seats in 3 govt. colleges
300 seats in 2 pvt.

580 MBBS seats in 6 govt. colleges .

710 MBBS seats in 5 govt. colleges
700 seats in 6 pvt.
150 seats in 1 deemed univ.

600 MBBS seats in 3 govt.
625 seats in 5 pvt. colleges

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Best Wishes for your MBBS preparation

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MBBS Abroad is a big decision and your success depends upon the honesty of your consultant. It is a long process starting from choosing the right college to reaching there at college door step and finally studying there for next 5-6 years. You are in a new country without many old friends. We were sure to approach a consultant who is based out of our district only so that not only during admission but for next 6 years, we can have smooth interactions. So, we approached GKWorks as they have a branch in Saharanpur. As we anticipated, there are lot of things to be done during admission process that goes for 3-4 months. At every step, it was useful for us to have our consultant who was only 20 minutes’ drive from our home. We were able to discuss everything face to face any day and thus were able to have easy process.

Ashish Massey, Saharanpur UP
Company Name : Student at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University- Batumi, Georgia

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