List of colleges in Georgia for the Indian students returned from Ukraine War

The National Medical Commission of India has published list of college in Georgia where the medical students of India returned from Ukraine War ca complete their further education. It has also published list of all those countries where the Indian students who could not complete their MBBS or medicine studies due to Ukraine War can go for completing their graduation.

Few colleges of Georgia which are part of list are BAU International University, Batumi; and New Vision University located in Georgia ; Georgian National University, SEU.

Name of University Name of Country Fee (US Dollars) Medium of instruction
BAU International University, Batumi Georgia 6500 USD English
New Vision University Georgia 7000 USD English
Georgian National University, SEU Georgia 5500 USD English


The above, mentioned details can also be changed and any changes in details will be reported to the students as soon as there is any update.

The Supreme Court already advised the NMC to be in touch with the students and updating them with all the news related to the list of countries and colleges through any web portal. This advice was given as there was no other way to help out these students.

Further, the NMC has put up “No objection for Academic Mobility Program by Ukraine “which stated that Indian medical students, who could not complete their graduation, can complete it from other countries. Also, it mentioned that global mobility is not about giving accommodation support in the Indian universities and colleges as it would be injustice for other student who actually deserve.

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