Dear Students and parents

With the announcement yesterday, all the popular entrance exams in India for UG education stand postponed for 2020 batch admissions. Below is the Summary

NEET UG 2020: Original date 3rd May, Revised date not yet announced expected towards end of May

JEE Main 2020: Original date : April 5 to 11, revised date not yet announced.. expected towards end of May

CLAT: Original date : May beginning, Revised date: 24th May

AILET: Original date : May beginning, Revised date: 31st May

CA Exams: Original date : May 5 to 11, revised date: June’19 to July’05

IPM : Original date :  30 April Revised date: not yet announced.. expected towards  mid of June

SAT : 2 May exam stand cancelled and students are given refund, As of now, 6th June is on but 2 May students need to apply for subsequent dates

Keep Studying students. The only thing to interpret is that most students would get extra time to prepare. So students who can keep the motivation high shall succeed.

Best wishes for GKWORKS family !!