Got call from IIM Bangalore for class of 2019. below article shall help you to reach the dream institute.

let us see how the final calls shall be selected

Normalization/Standardization: For all candidates in the first shortlist as per  per call criteria  normalization or standardization in any component  is carried out as per the following formula. All standardization is done with reference to the qualifying first shortlist or its subdivisions; Standardized score, truncated between 0 and weight (wt) is computed from the raw score (val) as:

Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean) / sd) * wt / 6}]


Stage 2 = WAT + PI + post-PI work ex score

Candidates will sit for WAT (Written Ability Test) and will be judged on the content and style of their answers. Scores given by an individual evaluator will be considered for WAT.

As it is commonly known, in the PI, the panel will judge the candidate based on how good a fit he/she is for the PGP program. They will also rate the quality of the candidate’s work experience.

Be prepared to answer all kinds of questions about your work experience, and justify that you have done good work.

Final Aggregate Score:

This is the most important scores as the final offers will be made only on this score. Here is how it’s calculated:


Parameter Weightage
WAT 10%
PI 30%
CAT 25%
10th board 10%
12th board 5%
Bachelors 10%
Weighted Work Experience 10%


As you can see, the weightage given to academic performance reduces considerably and PI gets 30% weightage. Similarly, work experience is also seen with respect to quality of work ex along with number of years.

So,  PI and WAT scores end up having 40% weightage in the final score which decides candidates who will get the final offer. The weighted work experience is another 10% that include numebr of years along with quality of work experience.

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