As Indians, we would have always had a dream of pursuing our education from abroad. But we often turn it down, as we consider that it far too expensive to fit our pockets. The reality is something else.

Statistics says that over 8,00,000 Indian students are pursuing their education abroad.

This points light into the reality that MBBS in India is far more costlier than MBBS from abroad. Given the limited amount of government seats, most of the aspiring students will have to go for private medical colleges, spending more than 75 lakh. However, if he/she chooses to study abroad, the student can end up shelling only 15 to 50 lakhs.

Apart from the reasonable tuition fee, the students can also take advantage of world-class faculty, practical skills and extensive research-based learning programs while studying abroad.

However, one has to be vigilant and make right choices on the steps one takes. You must not put to stake the quality of education and must ensure that the institution is approved by international boards, like MCI, UNSECO, WHO, IMED. Also, the curriculum of these should be competent to survive the outside world. One should also explore the available options than go for blind choices.

A gist on these overseas destinations helps one compare and contrast to make a choice for the courses.

1. MBBS in Ukraine:

It is one of the top countries offering MBBS at low costs without compromising the quality of education. Each of these universities are equally good and all of them are accredited by the world’s major renowned organizations like WHO, UNESCO, I-MED School, Medical Council of India (MCI), Medical Council of Nepal, PMDC, USMLE, European universities and a number of other countries. The degrees offered are also equivalent to the MBBS degree in India as per MCI. Some of the most preferred institutes in Ukriane are:

2. MBBS in Philippines:

Philippines is a very profitable option for Indians. The curriculum followed here is compliant with the American format of teaching and follows English medium. The tuition fee are also 75% less than that of the Indian institutions. Some of the top institutes in Philippines are:

3. MBBS in Russia:

The Russian Universities deliver education at low tuition fees without compromising the excellent quality of education. With the admission procedure being simple, without the students needing to take any entrance examinations, 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is only necessary. Some of the most popular institutes in Russia are:

4. MBBS in Nepal:

The institutions are approved by MCI, WHO, etc and is an nice option for Indian students, being very close to India. The pleasant weather here is also an added advantage. Some of the institutes in Nepal are:

5. MBBS in China

This emerging superpower, has risen to be a top study abroad destination for various courses, providing best quality education to the international students. These are classified further into A+, A, B+, B, C+ and C, in an increasing order of tuition fees. Going for an A rated institution would still cost you less than Indian institutions. Some of the top Colleges of China are:

6. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The most cheapest MBBS is offered by Kyrgyzstan which amounts to Rs. 12 to 18 lakhs. The application takes place in the month of July and will take only upto 15-20 days. 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is the only necessary criteria. The institutions worth considering are:

7. MBBS in Poland

It’s adherence to high class European education system has made the country a popular option. One has to take up a 1 year preparatory course prior to taking up the 6 year course in Poland. Global exposure is an added benefit in studying in Poland. Some of the top medical universities of Poland are:

  • University of Lodz
  • Medical University of Lublin
  • Medical University of Gdansk
  • Medical Academy of Bialystok

8. MBBS in Bangladesh

Besides being reasonably priced, Bangladesh offers course structures similar to that of the Indian institutions. The Bangladesh institutions demand the students to have at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as it’s only necessary. Some of the most preferred institutes in Bangladesh are:

9. MBBS in Belarus

Belarus is home to premium institutions that are recognized by most international bodies and provide education in English medium. Some of the world famous institutions are:

10. MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has universities accredited by WHO, USMLE, MCI, to which getting an admission is comparatively easy. The MBBS here are very low cost and also has value throughout the world.Some top universities of Kazakhstan are:

There are many other countries apart from these above mentioned ones. The choice depends on the student’s preferences on the course.