Deportation faced by the Punjabi student Canada for working beyond stipulated hours

Young Punjabi students looking for greener pastures in Canada was arrested for “working too hard” beyond the  stipulated hours and faces deportation. He was stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) during a routine check-up while he was driving a commercial vehicle between Toronto and Montreal on Highway 401. Within a few minutes after a little explanation, he was arrested, handcuffed and placed in the back seat of an OPP squad car.On checking his background, it was observed that he had no criminal history till the time of his arrest. He worked for more than 20 hours a week which is not allowed to any international student in Canada without a separate work visa. While in their scheduled break, they are allowed to work full time.He was working full time so that he could afford his studies. The victim has been pleading that he has committed no crime in Canada “except for working” and had “never lied” about it.To get out of this he has urged the government of Canada that tuition fee is very high and cost of living is roughly 27,000 (CAD) per annum which forced him to work beyond the allocated work hours. He also mentions that he did not work initially when he came to  Canada as his parents were paying all his expenditure by using their lifetime savings and they even they had taken loans from private lenders at a high rate of interest. He started working  for roughly up to 35-40 hours a week to afford his education. He also told that he has to bear all the expenses of his brother who too had landed in Canada as an international student. When he was arrested he was just 10 days away from completing his diploma mechanical engineering at Mississauga-based Canadore College. The Ontario Provincial Police, however, has not responded to Sandhu’s claims. Till 2006, international students were only allowed to work on campus in Canada. But after that, it was allowed to work up to 20 hours a week off campus with a permit after seeing the increasing number of projects but it was only till 2013. In 2014 one was allowed to work up to 20 hours a week without any permit or visa. However it has been advised that  anyone wanting to work full time in Canada should apply for a work visa and not a study permit.