All about National exit test, NEXT?


National Exit Test is one of its kind tests to be introduced in India. NEXT is introduced for under graduate allopathic course in medicine known as MBBS in India. As per information available, the final exam of fourth year shall be converted into NEXT and this paper would be uniform across India. The marks scored by the candidate in the final exam will be used for admission to the post graduate medical courses. The candidates will be allotted the seats in the post graduate medical courses on the basis of their final year marks. The graduates can continue with their medical practice and apply for post graduate courses. It would be beneficial for many students who have spent lots of time in the classrooms and labs as it would reduce the burden on the students of appearing for many exams. This test would help the students to easily pursue for their post graduate studies without taking any tension regarding any type of entrance exam for which they have to appear.

Details such as exam format, duration, and syllabus are not shared yet by the Union education ministry who has brought this test.


Why NEXT is path breaking in India education system

Till date, we never had such test for any professional course in India. There are regular exams conducted by various universities, colleges to judge the level of students. The examination papers were set and checked by individual institutions as per local laws. This indirectly ensured that exam paper was set according to local needs/ syllabus etc. In deemed universities and private colleges, the exam level was set in such a manner that most students pass the exam. This is the reason that we keep reading that 80% of engineers are not employable in India and such for most of professional courses. It is a dirty nexus where private universities and colleges give good marks to students without any actual knowledge imparted. Students don’t understand these tricks and actually feel happy that they are scoring good marks. Parents who are experienced in life never come to know that their distinction holder kid don’t know basic of course that he is pursuing. After finishing the course, both parents and student keep wondering for rest of their lives why they are not getting job or recognition as much some other MBA’s/ Engineers are getting  with lesser marks.


Now, if same exit test is implemented in other courses especially Btech , I am sure 80% of Indian Btech students would fail to clear this test, Similarly, even the normal degree courses students would struggle to get their graduate degree

Expected benefit for everyone from NEXT

For the current situation, Private MBBS colleges have to improve their quality of teaching. The current practice of just giving degree against a hefty fee would close down. Doctors produced through this system would be better than current set we are getting. Similarly, NEXT type of exam in Btech and other such courses would ensure better quality of education imparted. May be number of graduates in India would reduce but that is good. We shall have lesser number of unemployed graduates.


Vivek Gupta